5 Rules of Matching With Your Significant Other

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One of the perks with being in a relationship is that you get to be matchy matchy with your other half. If he wants to be part of is, that is. While it doesn’t necessarily mean much about your compatibility, matching up together definitely jazz up the love. It takes you out of the mundane routine and creates that little fun activity together. So if you’re planning to look alike, here are the five rules of matching with your significant other.

1. Dressing up to the same level

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Women are always taking the lead on how to dress for an event. This leaves their men torn between what he actually wants to wear and fulfilling the woman’s desires. And guess what, experts say that fashionably matching doesn’t mean that you have put on exactly the same attire. What’s more important is that both of you dress at the same level. If a couple is going on a company dinner, the woman might want to put on a lovely dress. To match that, the man might want to wear a nice suit with probably a necktie with the same colour as the woman’s dress, and that’s about it.

Or if a couple is going on a movie date, the colour coding might be about the same but both of them are free to put on whatever style they wish for. Since this is a laid back outing, put aside protocols and simply enjoy the presence of each other. His pants match with your hijab or blouse, maybe? Remember, what’s more important is that both you wear clothes that match the same level of formality.

2. Experiment, play around with what you have in the closet

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Another important rule of matching with your significant other is to run experiments with your existing blouse hung in the closet. Who would have thought that the blouse that you haven’t worn for over three months suddenly matches you husband’s brand new cardigan. Or you might be surprised to see the sneakers during his Uni days suit your year-old scarf. This might be petty, but a simple activity like this would create memories for the two of you. Plus, it saves a lot of money!

3. Set your own ‘uniform’

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If you find time and finance are the biggest constraints to you being matched, you could consider setting a ‘uniform’. Call it whatever names you want but this uniform should be the go-to attire if you’re planning to look alike in an event. A simple shirt with black trousers would be easily versatile to many occasions. With that in hand, set a baju kurung or decent dress that goes along well with it.

This is your ‘uniform’ to be worn. In fact, it also helps you to negotiate with your husband if he is a person who hates being told about what to wear, let alone buying new clothes.

 4. Learn about colour coordination

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As with no. 1 above, being match doesn’t necessarily mean you would have to mirror each other’s attire. Instead, learn to combine the colours to make you look astonishingly contrast. For instance, pink goes well with grey. While red and blue would make you bold, green and yellow would make the perfect sporty or leisure look for summer. Be creative and out of the box!

5. Go for some texts

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Aside from colour and occasion, you could also be matchy-matchy with just t-shirt and pants. But what would makes it special is having some texts or prints that unite you together. For example a shirt written “The Queen” could go along with “Her King”. If you have some extra budget, customise a plain T-shirt with each printed a half heart. If you stand next to each other, the image would make a perfect heart shape symbolising your relationship. Boy isn’t that adorable?

So what say you about the rules of matching your outfits with your significant other? Share your thoughts in the comments box below. It doesn’t have to be just your spouse or partner because best friends and families would do just fine. In fact, when was the last time you match with your mom? Wouldn’t that be a great way to do for her coming birthday?