6 Tips to Help You Sleep Better


Tired of struggling to get the sleep that you need? After putting much effort in controlling your daily diet, exercise regularly, cut off caffeine, and also avoiding big meals before you sleep, yet you still have a problem to get enough sleep. One of the things you should also care about is your sleep environment which could also affect the quality of your sleep.

Many believe that a peaceful bed environment could spread a powerful signal to your brain that it is time to let go all your daytime stress and calm the mind before the eyes close. Sleeping well can directly affect your physical and mental health. Tossing and turning around at night would drain your immune system and lessen your mood during the day. Follow the tips below to help you improve your sleeping environment for better sleep at night.

1) Avoid the noise


Loud noises during the night would lower sleep satisfaction especially when you live in a loud urban environment. External noise at night often from the neighborhood’s party, traffic, occasional firework, etc could be the biggest obstacle for your sleep during the night and can cause poor sleep.

Some noises are unavoidable so all you can do is try to minimize the noise. You can wear an earplug or consider placing a noise machine in your bedroom. You can also place your bed away from the thin walls or any windows to avoid all the distracting sound.


2) Comfortable bed


This is likely the ultimate key factor in determining the comfort for your body to rest. If you wake up within the morning with a backache, shoulder pain, or feel any neck pain, consider checking on the mattress if you need to add foam toppers or any pillows to provide more support for your body’s comfort at night. It depends on your preferences when you are trying to upgrade your bedding for your comfort.


3) Choose the best sleepwear


Choosing the appropriate sleepwear before going to bed is essential for your sleep comfort to achieve a good night sleep. Most people would find cotton sleepwear as a great option. Cotton is the most natural fiber that extremely comfy, lightweight, and soft. But it still depends on your preferences. If you are looking for something ultra-luxurious or sexy, sleepwear made of silk is a clear choice. Moreover, silk could help to control your body’s temperature throughout the night as well as providing the soft and smooth feel to your skin. It is truly up to you to decide what kind of fabric you would like to loop into your night routine as long it offers comfort for your goal to a better sleep.


4) Temperature

Body temperature tends to go up and down a little during the day, as well as at night. A bedroom with too cold or too hot temperature will intrude your quality sleep. Most people sleep best in a moderately cool room which is around 18’C or 65’F with enough ventilation.


5)  Keeping out of room


To strengthen the mental alliance between your sleep and your bedroom, keep any electronic devices or work materials out of the bedroom. You may also consider keeping your pet out of the room if it keeps waking you up during the night. Keeping your bedroom free from anything that can cause distraction is a good step to help you sleep better.


6) Lighting


Too much light might ruin not just your sleep but also your health. It could increase the risk of having sleep disorder and disturbs your natural melatonin production. Turn off all your screen devices when you are going to bed as they hinder the quality of your sleep. If you have a darkness phobia, ponder on the impact of sleep disorder to your long-term health and try to face your fear of the dark. Maybe a little bit of light during sleep would make you less anxious and easier to find something in the dark.

What are your tips to achieve better sleep at night? Share with us below.