7 Tips to Nail Your Dream Job Interview


To begin with, there are many types of job interviews depending on the position that you are applying. For example, it could be an in-person interview, a phone call interview, or a technical test. However, the interview concept is still the same where you are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills in each of them.

Assume that you have read a lot of tips on the internet and successfully wowed your potential employer with your resume and other documents to catch your dream job, the next thing that you need to consider is how can you be more of a stand out in the sea of competitors during the interview?

Here are seven tips to nail your dream job interview served hot.


Every interview will be loaded with abundance of unexpected questions so you may start doing a case study by watching the typical job interview videos and take notes on the frequent questions asked by the interviewer. After gathering enough information, you can recreate a robust and precise answer to that question. You may also want to enhance those answers by having some examples to highlight your skills in that field. However, pay full attention to the question asked by the interviewer to ensure you respond with the correct information. Additionally, having a few questions to be asked to the interviewer is also a good idea. This is because, in most interview session, you might be allowed to ask anything. It is important for you to at least ask one question to show your strong interest in the company.



Keep in mind that interviews are not all that serious. Consider them as to acquaint oneself moments where you learn and discover about each other. However, it does not mean you get the permission to dress carelessly. The easiest way is to dress according to the job that you are applying to. Remember that the first impressions on someone are determined in the first 30 seconds of the meeting and your look is worth a thousand words. For the gentlemen, it is advisable to wear black or dark pants with a bright shirt and if possible with a suit. While, for the ladies, wearing something decent, simple and a soft color is another subtle approach. Importantly, make sure that all your clothes are ironed and clean. You surely want to leave the interviewers with good impressions on you.


Now the perfect look for the important day is ready, it is the time for you to do homework. Bear in mind, a job interview is not an exam, so spend just a little time to read about the company and the industry that they are working in. Some of the common things that you should already master are the company’s background, mission, culture, staff and the new updates on their progress. At least you have prepared for this one popular question, "What do you know about this company?" and confidently start the greatest conversation that you ever had during the interview. Plus, you should understand exactly what they are looking for in a new employee and you must ensure that you can discuss and make you a great fit for the job. Otherwise, these pieces of knowledge can be implemented in the self-introduction or any suitable part.



Follow up from the previous point, other than having a great conversation about the company background and goals, establishing a good bond between the interviewers may be the best step to boost your chances. Make them feel comfortable and easy to work with you. You may even ask the interviewers some questions but be alert for the hints of commonalities because the key to have this bond is by having common interests between each other. After all, the interviewers are human, and we tend to have a stronger bond more easier with the person that shares the same interest. Plus, they might be your future colleagues or employer so this should be a good start!


Arrive earlier to the place will give you a few extra minutes to visit the restroom, fix your outfit, and calm your nerves. Plan your time well and consider any obstacles that will jeopardize your estimated time of arrival such as heavy traffic and wrong navigation. If needed, you can drive to the interview location a day before so you know exactly how the road situation looks like and can adjust your planning.


Even though you already did study cases, but it is unavoidable that you still do not have all the answers in your hand. So, it is not a sin to say “I don’t know” after being asked many questions throughout the interview session. However, you should not simply stop there. You might want to accumulate all the information that you have read and try to find out a suitable alternative answer to that question. It's valuable to a potential employer to know that you are willing to put in the effort to solve difficult problems on your own and to see that you have a plan for how to get started cracking that nut.



Do not forget to follow up on every interview that you have attended. Express your gratitude and you may also restate your interest in the position and include some other details that you missed during the interview. Quick tips, if there is more than one interviewer, you may notify each one of them a personal follow-up email. Make sure you do all these within 24 hours of your interview session as the interviewers might still recognize your face and start to put your name on top of the list.

In the nutshell, you must trust yourself, be prepared and start to nail your dream job interview.