[Beauty 101] Hair Products Other Than Gel


Remember when we were kids and the only hair product we know is hair gel? That jelly-like substance is what helped us achieve a rocking look as if we were a member of Linkin Park. Because the math was simple back then; if it spikes up your hair, then you are all good to go.

But hair gels are not the only thing you can use for your hair today (if you are still using it as an adult. Why?) There are lots of types of hair products that gives different results to your hair according to your own personal style.

1.    Clay (High hold, low shine)

Product suggestion:  Hanz De Fuko Quick Sand

Product suggestion: Hanz De Fuko Quick Sand

Clay is a versatile styler that is very adaptable and easy to use. Even if it holds high, you can still work your fingers through your hair if you ever feel like changing your style midday. As its name suggests, it is made of clay which absorbs the excess oil on your hair which results in a low shine, almost like a matte finish. If you want that shine however, apply it immediately after you have towel dried your hair.


2.    Cream (Low hold, medium shine)

Product suggestion:  American Crew Forming Cream

Product suggestion: American Crew Forming Cream

If you want your hair to look more natural, cream is the product to use. It does not seem heavy and holds low too so you can adjust your hair to your liking. It is usually used for men with longer hair as the natural flow is more apparent for them but guys with short hair can enjoy its benefits too.


3.    Fibre (Medium hold, no shine)

Fibre is exactly like clay only less intense. It has medium to low hold and no shine at all which might get you thinking what the point of it is anyway. It is actually used for men with thick hair, so it does not just look flat for them. If you want it to look like there is at least some work put into it, fibre is a good choice.


4.    Paste (Medium hold, low-medium shine)

Paste is like the essential hair product to have in your grooming kit. It is like the beginner’s hair product for men who are just getting into stylers for their hair. But do not let that discourage you, paste is still a good product for your hair. Apply it when your hair is dry to have low shine or when damp to get a medium one.


5.    Pomade (Medium hold, high shine)

That slicked back look you see in gangster movies these days is all thanks to a product called pomade. Pomade is probably the oldest type of styler since almost all men of style use it since the 70’s ala John Travolta in “Grease”. It is high shine, hence the slick look and even with a medium hold, it does not make your hair crunchy like gels would, so you can still comb it back every two minutes like a true greaser.


6.    Putty (High hold, low shine)

Also known as mud, putty works perfectly for guys with short hair. It gives a messy-IDGAF look for cool guys who want to appear like they do not care about their hair condition but secretly are. It functions almost like a hair gel only with less shine.


7.    Salt spray (Low hold, low shine)


Imagine swimming in the sea then chilling by the beach right after, your hair will dry into this effortless style that always looks sexy. That is the sea salt absorbing the grease on your head thus texturing your hair into a desired volume. You do not have to go back and forth to the beach to achieve that look. Now, beauty brands have come up with a spray that does the same called salt spray, which gives you that beachy Baywatch look even though you are nowhere near one.


8.    Wax (Medium hold, medium shine)

Product suggestion:  Hanz De Fuko Hybridized Wax

Product suggestion: Hanz De Fuko Hybridized Wax

Wax works for every kind of hairstyle except for curly or wavy ones as it can clump up making it look uneven. The one benefit of using wax is that it is pliable so you can restyle it during the day. Depending on the brand you are using though, it can either give you a matte or a shinier finish.



Which one of these are you currently using? Tell us at the comments section down below.