[Beauty 101] What Vitamin C Does to Your Skin


Remember when you were younger, your mother kept on reminding you to take your vitamin Cs that taste like oranges and are shaped of a heart or cute animals? As lazy as we were to consume it everyday, there is actually a reason to it though. This is because vitamin C is actually very healthy for your skin.

Vitamin C is mainly for preventing and treating scurvy. It is also one of the safest and most essential nutrients that repair tissue which could help with the condition of your skin. So, what are the benefits of vitamin C exactly?

1.    Brightens dark spots


The L-ascorbic acid in vitamin C can interrupt the overproduction of pigments called melanin which in turn helps even out the tone of your skin by brightening any dark spots you have. Although there are quicker and more effective ways to do this, vitamin C is better suited for sensitive skin.


2.    Heals the skin

In a scene in the 2016 box office hit “Captain America: Civil War”, Scott Lang a.k.a. Ant-Man / Giant-Man asks for some orange slices after getting beaten up. What seems to be a comedic line for the scene is actually scientifically sensible as vitamin C plays a role in the formation of keratinocytes which are cells that help to close up cuts or wounds on the skin’s surface.


3.    Keeps skin firm


If you ever take vitamin C on the daily, you are going to realise that your skin will become firmer and smoother. This is due to the vitamin boosting collagen production which helps with keeping the skin strong.


4.    Protects against sun damage


Vitamin C limits the damage done by harmful UV rays from the sun though it is not a sunscreen of sorts. It does not absorb light from it. Instead, it feeds your skin’s antioxidants that fight off these damages.


5.    Slows aging


Technically, it does not actually slow your age, but it does make you look younger than ever. The collagen that is broken down by the vitamin C is slow which then preserve the skin’s natural structure. In other terms, it decreases the appearance of wrinkles.



Do you still take vitamin C chewables to this day? Or now that you are all grown up, include vitamin C induced product to your skincare routine? Share with us in the comments section below.