Break Your Limitations with NIKE Modest x ZALORA

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One thing that people get wrong about women with hijabs on is that they have limitations when it comes to dressing up. When in fact, it never was a burden to them as they make up more interesting and unique ways to express themselves in fashion. However, modest fashion has made it easier for hijab women as many brands and labels are catering more towards that demographic. One of them is Nike which collaborated with our very own ZALORA to come up with a Muslim-friendly line aptly called NIKE Modest x ZALORA.

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The NIKE Modest x ZALORA collection is perfect for women who want to cover up when doing any sports activities as most of its products are of long sleeves and loose fits which ticked out all the compulsory factors to dress modestly. There are also hijabs that are specifically made for training or other sports activities you do because of its Dri-FIT lightweight polyester fabric that features tiny, strategically placed holes for breathability but remains completely opaque. It also moves well due to its elastic binding so you will not have a problem constantly adjusting it when you train or compete.

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What makes NIKE Modest x ZALORA a standout from all the other modest sportswear is definitely the colours and designs it puts out. Choose from blue to pink or grey to 2019’s colour of the year, coral; NIKE Modest x ZALORA has all the fancy colours that will make you pop out from the crowd especially when you are off for a night run.

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The shoes under the collection are multipurpose knowing that athleisure is the in thing in fashion today. You can wear it during your training, or you can wear it with the flyest get-up you have in your wardrobe; one thing is for sure though, you will be turning heads rocking NIKE shoes making sneaker enthusiasts jealous.

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Now that NIKE is penetrating the modest wear market, there is no excuse for you to not get healthy and sporty. Hijabs do not limit you in sports, it enhances your spirit instead. So, get on the NIKE Modest x ZALORA collection today at ZALORA while stocks are still available in stores.