Build Your Fashion Foundation with ZALORA BASICS for Men


Nowadays, we see a lot of those cool kids calling themselves hypebeasts wearing clothes that are filled with patterns and prints that are meant to catch everybody’s attention. Dominating the streetstyle scene with designs filled with its signature wordings all over the fashion piece, it surely became popular.


However, no matter how fancy these so-called hypebeast products are, a simple basic wear is still the essential piece in fashion. These are what started everything. And luckily for you, ZALORA has a collection of basic wear just for the individuals who prefer classic simplicity.


Aptly called ZALORA BASICS, the collection revolves around essential clothes that you are going to need in your life as it is the foundation of your outfit that either could make or break your look – but most of the time, it will make it better for you. It is safe to say that the fashion line covers all categories as it ranges from jackets to shorts, shirts to trousers, and everything else that you can think of.


Since going minimal is ZALORA BASICS’ goal, the colours applied to the collection are also of neutral hues. This is for you to have the absolute freedom to mix and match with whatever items you have stored in your wardrobe. Have a swanky blazer to go to a New Year’s party? Take it down a notch with a plain ZALORA BASICS tee under it. Or planning on going to the beach in your print-heavy swimming shorts? Pair it with a bright orange plain camp shirt.


What is going to seal the deal for you is its price range which is affordable enough for you to purchase without having to worry about breaking the bank. Also, its high quality that ZALORA has made sure to be as satisfying to people as it can be. So, with an affordable cost and good quality? You would be crazy to miss out on the ZALORA BASICS collection.


Stock up on essential wear now by getting ZALORA BASICS via our official website and see yourself being a maximalist with minimalist clothes.