Chick Flicks That You Can Convince Your Boyfriend To Watch Together


Centered around love and romance, chick flicks are just the kind of movie women enjoy curling up to on the sofa while in their most comfy sleepwear and usually during a ladies night in. Though some are against the term “chick flicks” it can’t be denied that these type of movies are delightful feel good materials. But who says these flicks are just for the ladies? In this ever changing world, movies are making their way into the hearts of all kinds of audience regardless of gender and age. So it’s no wonder there are chick flicks designed for even guys to enjoy. We’ve listed a few movies you can watch together with your boyfriend or husband convincing them that it ain’t just all for the ladies.

 1.  Love actually (2003)

Boasting a cast of well-known and iconic actors this movie will already catch the attention of your other half from the beginning. It revolves around various love stories dealt at different angles and so cleverly written you’ll be impressed by how they manage to weave all the stories together. Top it with some good old British humour, he surely won’t be left disappointed.

2.    The Age of Adaline (2015)

A tale about a young woman who stops aging after meeting with an accident when she was 29 and survives to live many lives is enough to get anyone hooked. The beautiful Blake Lively stars as Adaline and woos us in this romantic fantasy that takes us on a journey through different eras. It definitely keeps you rooted to your seat and you certainly won’t regret dragging him to watch it with you.

3. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

When a man suffering from bipolar disorder meets a woman with borderline personality disorder you can tell that this is not your typical romantic story. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence along with other great actors such as Robert De Niro and Julia Stiles star in this romantic comedy-drama that received numerous Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations. It is funny yet poignant when dealing with the issues of both lead characters so expect some drama along the way. Overall a great movie he won’t even realize it’s categorized under a chick flick.

4. Hitch (2005)

Your man may not need tips on how to woo a girl since he already won your heart but this movie is a must-see to watch together if you’re both in need of some laughs. In this romantic comedy Will Smith provides guidance to people as he acts as a professional dating consultant only to end up needing advice of his own when he falls for Sara Melas played by Eva Mendes. A feel good movie with a lot of hilarious moments it will leave both of you entertained.

5. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days (2003)

Bring in two gorgeous actors: Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, and you get a sizzling and delicious romantic comedy that will again make you laugh all throughout. It plays on some stereotypical images of how men and women behave which of course is made even more dramatic on screen leading to the comedy in the movie. Though it is a little predictable we’re confident your guy will enjoy this as much as you, even to just debate about what makes men and women tick.

There is a list of other equally great “chick flicks” out there that you could watch together which are more recent than what we’ve suggested here. But why not try these first and spend a night in with that special someone as you bond over a movie both of you will enjoy.