Classic Old School Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback


Trends come and go all the time! While we are glad some are gone, we are also excited that a few good ones are back. But Who said old fashion will remain as old forever? For fashionistas, they know that there are some classic old school trends that comeback within these past few years. So let’s check out what these fashion trends are!

1. Checkered patterns


If you noticed that a lot of people have been rocking checkered pattern outfits everywhere they go. . Indeed, checkered patterns were so popular once upon time and now it becomes viral again.. This is because checkered patterns are suitable to pull off a casual or formal look.

2. Off with the tights, and on with the oversized


One of the fashion trends that has been a favourite again are oversized apparels. During 90’s, oversized apparels were popular but later, the trend phased out as people move to fitted apparels that accentuates our figure making us look more modern. However oversized apparels have come back with stylish improvements! Just know how to style them with your other pieces in your wardrobe and you are good to go. Besides that, you can definitely hide your bloated tummy wearing oversized tops.

3. Wear leather or denim jacket as casual wear


In the 90s, most of the teenagers love donning denim and leather jacket as thei day-to-day outfits. This trend is evergreen and leather jackets was always tied back to bikers or rock and roll. Nowadays, denim and leather jackets have transformed into more stylish and designs that both men and women love to flaunt.

4. More comfortable with flannel shirt


Flannel shirt are considered by some as the boyfriend shirt. Flannel fabrics has been improvise to make it suitable to be worn for Malaysia’s weather. If you are Nirvana fans, you will notice that their vocalist Kurt Cobain was always donning this piece.

5. Round sunglasses

Say big no to round sunglasses? That was before. Now, it’s trending again and our local artist, Nabila Huda always flaunts it with confidence. Recently, this classic old school fashion eyewear has become a favourite especially among teens.

6. Stylish with Dr. Martens?


Still remember Doc Mart? It is not a doctor actually. Before the viral trend on matching baju kurung with sneakers, Dr. Marten shoes have been rocking the fashion scene years ago and recently have been making a comeback again.

So, what other classic old school fashion trends that you spot are making a comeback again? Let us know down below.