Date Night Ideas for Married Couples


Being married is not as easy as it seems because it requires a lot of hard work, compromise, understanding, trust and communication just like any other relationship but squeezing some time to spend together might be difficult. Both you and your partner hardly get enough time to spend together which are mainly because of responsibilities, chores or even when your focus goes to your child. It does not mean you forget one another but most of the time life just gets in the way. For the married couples who secretly or obviously misses the romance, here are some date night ideas that you could fit in every once a month or better yet once a week!

1.     Classic Dinner & Movie


Who doesn’t love a good dinner and movie date? If you have been aiming to catch the latest movie in the cinema, this is the best time to watch it together by scheduling in it on a weekday night after work. If you have kids, send them off to grandma or hire a babysitter for the night so you could both enjoy each other’s company. Dress up a little with a nice shirt for the men or a cute dress for the ladies. Dine good food and watch a movie is the classic way to feel the romance slip back in.


2.     Take Out & Board Games


If you both feel too tired to go out for a date night, there is always the option of ordering take out to be delivered to your home and enjoy playing board games together. Tease each other, laugh and have fun while eating in the comfort of your home or even set a picnic like setting in your backyard.


3.     Be A Kid Again


Why not have some fun together and explore your inner child with your partner by going to funfair or theme parks! This not only strengthen your bond but also let’s you to release your stress. This date night or probably a date weekend can make you feel close to each other like you were dating again!


4.     Staycation


For couples who wants to go on a honeymoon but have no time to schedule in a long period, a staycation at a nearby fancy hotel is the best option. Check in for 2 days 1-night stay over the weekend and just enjoy the staycation honeymoon moment with your loved one. Order room service or better yet, book a candlelight dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and both will definitely feel that spark ignite.


Do you have any other ideas to add on? Or what do you do for your own date night? Share down below.