Every Type of Animal Prints to Own

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Back in the 80’s, animal prints were the hottest wear on the streets with women sporting it on oversized jackets, body-con midi dresses, skinny tights, and many more. Even men were into the trend as they wore them on disco nights. Now, animal prints are making a comeback in fashion (not that it left entirely) from its brief hiatus where we see models on runways, ads, and magazine covers donning the look.

Some might assume that animal prints are a bit too crazy for someone to put on but what is fashion if you do not go a little crazy with your style, right? But if you are just trying out this look, do not fret as we list down the only types of animal prints you need to include in your wardrobe collection.

1.    Leopard

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Leopard prints are probably the most popular of the bunch as it is accessible to anyone. People who want to dip their fashion toes into this trend usually go for leopard prints first just because it goes well on anything. Be it a skirt, a coat, or a simple shirt, you can pair it with anything else you own in your wardrobe without making any fashion errors.


2.    Snake


Snakeskin patterns are also a good first choice if you are just getting into animal prints. This one is easy to pull off as it could be of any colour and it will still look great on you. Gold and silver are the usual colours but try on something wild instead like neon pink, lime green, or even bright yellow to really standout.


3.    Tiger

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There is only one rule to follow when wearing tiger prints. Make sure to get one in its colour which is orange because that is the only hue that will work with anything. You are allowed to experiment on it, but orange tiger stripes still look best as it gives you a fierce persona. A look that nobody would want to mess with.


4.    Zebra


Same goes to zebra prints as the usual black and white colours work best as it is. The only difference is that zebra prints look good on outerwear like coats and jackets. Wear something that pops out underneath it and you would have come up with a style so unique, people would be turning their heads just to get a good look of you.



Express your wild side with these animal prints for starters then maybe work your way towards more daring ones like peacock, crocodile, or even giraffe prints. We assure you; you will be the center of attention with these designs.

How do you style your animal-printed shirt? Which ones do you own? Share them with us down at the comments section below.