Flowers That Give Out the Best Scent in Fragrance


The flowers surrounding you can actually have a big impact on your mood. Different scents are thought to leave you with good vibes when in their presence. It is important to know what kind of perfume or fragrance scent as it helps enhance your beauty or attract a potential mate. Here is a list of flowers that gives out the best scent in fragrance you need to know.



Roses are known as the ‘queen of flowers’ which has a classic scent. Roses smell heavenly and the perfumes made of this flower are popular. Rose perfumes were very popular with the Romans and the Greeks. This flower is definitely a timeless scent.



The scent of this flower is light but with enough depth to tantalize your senses. It gives a scent of innocence yet pleasing due to its fruity scent.

 Tips: Chooses freesias in white or yellow color as it is the most fragrant.



Eventhough lavender have small petals but their scent is quite powerful. Lavender is known because of its calming and soothing properties that give a perfect scent for relieving stress. The native range of lavenders extend across the Canary Islands, North and East Africa, south Europe and the Mediterranean, Arabia, and India.



Gardenia is a waxy smelling flower that is native to tropical regions of South Asia, Australia and Africa. The intoxicating gardenia is a big milky white flower that bring scent of outdoor in. Its fragrance blends in with the surrounding and has a magical odor but not overpowering as jasmine.



This beautiful, small flower called jasmine has a very sweet scent that can be smelled from far beyond it. Jasmines are known as the most fragrant flowers in the world and used for aromatherapy as in fragrance oil.



Lily (Lillium) is a hearty bulb that can be planted in Fall or Spring. Most lilies have large, trumpet shaped petals which features a variety of colors, designs and fragrances. All lilies are aromatic. Lilies have a sweet and fresh addictive scent to fall in love with.

Floral scents are sweet depending on their combination. The floral scents mentioned above exudes the feminine and romantic feel. Your fragrance is a very personal choice. People will remember you, compliment you and ask what brand or scent you’re wearing.

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