How to Embrace Your Naturally Darker Skin


There are still many connotations that go around beauties with darker skin colour. At an individual level, some are totally in love with it while some need a little push in convincing that they are beautiful regardless of skin colour. The truth is, skin colour is not a skin type and it should be stopped from being treated like one.
From fashion perspective, darker skin colour is as what it says it is - just another colour in the spectre of colour complexion. In fact, to be precise, one might have to further elaborate what hues, undertones or shades exactly do they mean when they say darker skin colour - dusky, olive, brunette, tanned, tawny and swart to name a few. Just as similarly we would have specific pantone colours for Cleopatra, Naomi Campbell, Ilhan Omar, Meghan Markle, Priyanka Chopra, Anggun C. Sasmi and Yuna who are all unique in their shades of skin colour. 

The huge misconception is that darker skin colour have limited choices in their makeup picks. The opposite is true! Darker skin colour is versatile, flexible and complements many bright and rich colours that otherwise fairer skin tone colours might find hard to pull off. Here are some tips on how to embrace your naturally darker skin colour.

1. Sculpt and highlight


Chances are, if you have darker skin colour, you are bound to have a few tones of shade on your face. For example the colour gradation in the area of your nose might be a tad different than the colour of the apple of your cheeks and the skin of your chin. The trick is to even out your skin tone with the right scrub followed by the wear of moisturiser after cleansing and apply your skin with the precise colour of foundation as the base. From then on, it’s all about sculpting and highlighting your existing prominent features without having to worry much about concealing redness.

2. Celebrate bright colours


Consider yourself lucky for having darker skin tone because you can get away with many unicorn colours with makeup and clothing! Go bold with bright lip colours and neon coloured eye shadows as it give your face a nice glamourous pop adding a little sass, drama and personality to your look.

3. Complementing colours


Like a loyal friend that never backstabs you, make browns, prunes, copper and burgundy your best friends because you can never go wrong with these colour tints. They don’t only sit well with your darker skin colour, these earthy shades of eye shadows help intensify your natural beauty and enhance your elegance by bringing out the warmth of your skin tone. Stay away from cool and dull colours as they could break your look by making your makeup appear ashy.

4. Eye shadow with shimmer & jewel toned


Another trick up the sleeve is to go for shimmery and glittery jewel toned eye shadows that sparkle. Those who like to keep their makeup light and easy may think this pixie dust touch is a bit too much but try to give it the benefit of the doubt. Turn your darker skin colour to your advantage by experimenting colour palettes with different textures and finishing for a boost of eye catching effect that helps to radiate your exotic complexion.

Embrace your naturally darker skin colour is to know that it doesn’t define your character, identity nor status. Skin colour is just a pigmentation that reflects the amount of melanin in our skin affected by our genetics, general health and sun light exposure. This goes to say that skin colour is only skin deep and that is the farthest it goes.