How to Get a Girl to Approach You Instead


Why is it always the guy’s job to approach a woman first and not the other way around? You are sick of this “rule”, we know. So, why don’t we turn the tables and let the women make the first move this time? But how do we do that exactly? How do we get girls to approach first instead?

What seem to be an impossible task is actually quite simple if you play your cards right. Do not worry, we are going to give you some tips on how to do the impossible, which is to get a girl to actually come and say hi first.

1.    Dress well


There is no other way of saying it but if you want a woman to approach you, first you need to put extra effort on your appearance because first impressions matter most. Why else would somebody go to you if not because how you look? So, put on your best clothes and style yourself up to catch their attention.


2.    Make eye contact

A lot of men make the mistake of looking the other way when a woman looks at them from afar. That shows cowardice and lack of confidence which are a turn off for women. Instead, when your eyes meet hers, give her a friendly smile before continuing minding your own business. If she is feeling it, she might just come over and say hi. If not, do not stare at her like some kind of creep or perv, and just move on.


3.    Give her an opening

Sometimes without you realising it, you are putting up a barrier which gives women a hard time approaching you. Like wearing your earphones 24/7, looking at your phone every two minutes, or just putting on a mean face will drive them away. Even if you argue that you naturally have a resting bitch face, smile a little. Be friendly. Give her an opening to at least come near you.


4.    Standout with humour


As much as they deny it, it is a known fact that girls gravitate more towards men who can make them laugh. This is because having a sense of humour shows that you are chill and fun in a way, and girls love that. Besides, who wants to hang out with a boring person who does not get any of your Vine references?


5.    Don’t be a jerk

Here is a little secret: that whole bad boy persona that a lot of women go crazy for is just a myth. Granted, bad boys might look cool with their leather jackets and ripped black jeans but being a jerk to women is a major turn off. Stop playing too cool that seem arrogant and open doors for her, buy her a drink, or simply look her way and smile. Because nice guys DO NOT finish last.



So, how do you get women to approach you? Do you have any special tricks that are effective towards them? Share with us at the comments section below.