How to Keep Your Makeup On Point in Rainy Weather


Rainy days should not be the reason for you to neglect your appearance. Do not let the weather hinder you from wearing makeup and be in your best look. Put aside the monsoon, thunderstorms or humidity factors, your makeup can still be on point in rainy weather if you apply these simple tips and tricks. Not only it will help you to save your time, they are super easy, great to be added to your beauty routine so that you can achieve flawless, dull-free and patchy-free appearance with your makeup not being washed away by the downpour.

1. Adopt the principle of ‘less is more’


When you are getting ready to go out in this kind of weather, always bear in mind that ‘less is more’. In other words, put on simpler makeup and hairstyle. Keep a light look, skip dark eye shadows or fierce lipstick colour and just stick to the basics.

By doing this, you are actually minimizing the risk of your makeup from smearing. Plus, if you want to touch up later, it will make your job a lot easier.

2. Primer is a must


It is wise to use a primer before applying makeup to your face as it will smoothen out your complexion and let your makeup to stay intact all day long. Pick a good product that could help you to reduce oiliness. Just apply a small amount on the entire face. You are now one step away far from any makeup disasters as the primer underneath your makeup helps maintain your look. It is worth it, right?

3. Get waterproof products


Again, rainy days are not the right time to pull heavy or complicated eye look. Having mascara running down your cheek or smeared shadow and liner is the last thing you need in this kind of humidity. Try long-wearing products with waterproof formula. Consider waterproof mascara and eyeliner as your go-to. A simple swipe of the mascara with a thin liner on the eyelids and you are good to go. Your eyes will stand out naturally. The best part is your makeup won’t smudge off!

4. Cheek and lip tint, please


Let gloomy be associated with the weather but not your face. Apply cheek tint to the apple of your cheeks. Make sure that it blends well for a natural rosy look. To guarantee a long lasting pout shade which will not be washed away, opt for lip tint. You can pick natural pink shades or some soft matte tints instead of bold bright colours. Avoid using cream lipstick or gloss as they do not see eye to eye with humid rainy days.

Not only that, you can also apply tinted moisturizer all over your face in order to create a dewy look. Tinted moisturizer will give you a melt-free and smear-free coverage.

5. Setting spray before you go


Once you are done with your makeup, finish off with a setting spray. Not only the spray helps your makeup last longer, but it is also moisten your skin. Hence, despite of you having to barge through the rain, your look for the day will still be in place.

6. Prepare a Touch Up Kit


Last but not least, it is good to always be prepared. Bring along a touch up kit (with a few products like cotton balls, blender sponge and makeup removing wipes) together with some basic makeup products you need. In any event of mishap, you already have what you need to touch up and reapply your makeup.

You are now ready to contend the rainy days confidently. Kiss goodbye to smudgy dripping eyes, bleeding lips colour, running blotchy face and any makeup faux pas. Do you have any other tips to be shared? Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comment box below.