How to Reignite Your Love for Working Out


You have been very busy. You love working out but lately you don’t feel like doing it due to your hectic schedule. At the end of the day, you just want to have good food and a good rest. The word ‘exercise’ or simply the thought of hitting the gym makes you cringe. After some time, you feel like working out is not for you anymore as there are many obstacles that hinder you from getting into your workout routine. Well, stop piling up the plethora of excuses and let’s do something to reignite your passion for breaking a sweat. Get back on track with your fitness routine by trying these simple methods below.

1. Reminisce the good old days


You have been there. You knew how great you felt after a workout session, what it was like when the endorphins kicked in and what it did to your body and mind. Think of all the positive outcomes of exercising that you have experienced before - healthier version of you, better energy, improved mood, ability to de-stress and become more focus. So, use all these as a strong reason to encourage you to start working out again. Do not procrastinate in getting back to the phase of you enjoying your workout sessions.

2. Try something new


Doing the same exercise routine over and over again can kill your mood. Skip the mundane monotonous session. Instead pick a new activity for a change. If you used to jog around the park, why not try cycling (or perhaps, an indoor session in the gym). If you used to do TABATA or HIIT, sign up for yoga, pilates or piloxing. By switching things up, it will definitely be exciting as you get to explore something fresh and new, avoiding the boredom.

3. Shop for a new sport gear


Yes, it is time to shop! Let’s dress up a bit. Get yourself a pair of new sport shoes, yoga pants or a brand new fitness tracker as a little encouragement for you to start working out again. For sure you couldn’t wait to get up, put on your new sports clothing, look great and feel good about it.

4. Reserve a reward for yourself


Prepare something as a reward. Treat yourself to a small gift once you manage to achieve your fitness target. You can buy things that you like; your favourite perfume, makeup, a pair of shades or a pampering spa treatment. Whenever you are feeling lazy or start making excuse not to workout, think of these awesome rewards that you will gain later.

5. A session with your significant other


Having someone to go to the gym and train with you is definitely a fun idea. Invite your significant other to join you as your workout buddy. Spend quality time together while both of you try to reach your fitness goals. Plus, by having someone beside you with the same target, the chance of you crawling back to bed and missing your workout is very thin.

6. Reach out to a fitness community


You can join a fitness group in your community or any online fitness group. There are numerous fitness groups available in various platforms. Be an active member by exchanging notes, sharing experiences and ideas, while at the same time supporting each other. You won’t feel like you are alone or being left out. It keeps you motivated, helps you to stay on track.

7. Record your progress


It is important to record your progress. You can use any fitness application for this purpose. Update your daily, weekly and monthly achievements. By recording your fitness journey, you’ll be able to see what you have achieved so far. This record will become handy in order to inspire you to stay committed with what you are doing, helping you to keep challenging yourself.

Start by implementing at least two to three of the tips mentioned above. Pack your gym bag and be ready to revive your stale relationship with fitness activity. Do what is necessary to make it fun and enjoy the entire journey. What is your take in rekindling the old flame with working out? Kindly share it in the comment box below.