Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes


For the makeup enthusiasts, this topic might be their expertise but for the individuals who are into makeup but never really got to understanding it, it will be helpful. Here we provide you an ultimate guide to a few makeup brushes that you need to know about and how it could be useful in your makeup routine. Read down below.

1.     Powder Brush


Powder brush is usually fluffy and designed to pick up less product especially powder based. The brush gently helps glace the product on your face without overloading it with too much powder.


2.     Lip Brush


Lip brush is meant to make your lip colour application glide on flat and precisely. It will make your lipstick colour line your lips nicely giving a plump and smooth finish.


3.     Eyeshadow Brush


Using a brush to apply and blend in your favourite shadow colours is easier than using your fingers. The design of the brush works great in applying eyeshadow shades to your lid and crease then blending it in.


4.     Contour Brush


The shape of the brush that has an angled head allows you to carefully apply contour or even bronzer with depositing too much or little product. It gives your contoured face a sharp look where you want it due to its angled head design. Blend in carefully afterwards from the shade transferring out of place.


5.     Highlighter Brush


The fan brush design is used primary for highlight. The thin bristles and fan like shape brush allows you to gently apply highlighter on your facial features like cheekbones, nose, brow arch and even cupid’s bow well. The fan brush gives you control on the amount of highlight shade applied onto your face with ease.



So what are the types of makeup brushes do you currently use in your makeup routine? Share them down in the comment box below.