Why Camp Shirts Are In

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Lately, retro style has been dominating the streetwear scene all over the globe. Youngsters now are seen wearing colour-blocking windbreakers, washed out straight jeans, big chunky shoes, and many more that looks like they have travelled through time from the 90’s. Another clothing item that comes from that particular style is obviously the camp shirt.

Camp shirt, or also known as Cuban collar shirt, is that boxy shirt with an already open collar that dads usually wear at BBQ gatherings. It is most commonly covered in floral prints which gives it a Hawaiian vibe to your whole look.

So, why is it so popular among fashionistas nowadays? Let’s dive into this retro but stylish trend of the camp shirt.

1.    Goes with everything


One main reason why camp shirts are a hit among people today is because it works with every other piece of fashion item you already have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with a pair of chinos shorts or maybe skinny jeans. You can put a jacket on top of it or wear it as an outerwear with a basic tank top underneath it. There are literally a hundred ways to wear the camp shirt.


2.    Doubles as casual and formal wear


Due to it being easy to pair with anything, it can work as casual and formal wear effortlessly. If you are going casual with it, pick one that has interesting prints on them like the common floral or stripes. If you are attending a formal event, however, a plain navy or white camp shirt suits the occasion well.


3.    Perfect for summer

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Camp shirts are typically made of cotton or rayon which are perfect for Malaysia’s never-ending summer heat. In a country as hot and humid as Malaysia, you want your clothes to be breezy and cool, so you do not sweat as much, and camp shirts are just that. There are some that are made out of silk which is smoother and slithers on the body.


4.    Women can wear it too!

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While camp shirts are such a dad style, mums can get into it too as it is also suitable for women. We saw Gigi Hadid rocking the camp shirt during New York Fashion Week and look stunning yet casual in it. We are not saying you would transform into her when wearing a camp shirt, but if she can pull it off, you can too.



Are you into the camp shirt trend? How do you style your shirt? Share with us at the comments section below.