Why Cowboy Style is Taking Over Fashion


Be honest, how many times have you listened to Lil Nas X’s modern classic hit song, “Old Town Road” today? It is an unorthodox song but it sure garnered the public’s attention especially non country fans who initially hated the music genre. But it did not just conquer the music industry alone. It affected the fashion industry as well as people start to dip their toes into cowboy style.

Weirdly enough, we see a lot of celebrities trying on the cowboy/cowgirl style at red carpet events or just being out and about. Even rapper Cardi B once wore a cowgirl outfit when performing at Texas on one of her tours. So, how and why is cowboy style taking over fashion when back then, people did not even look its way?

1.    More exposure of Western culture

Aside from the mega popular ”Old Town Road” song we talked about, cowboy/cowgirl culture is being exposed more often then so via the media. HBO has a whole show revolving around the Wild West called “Westworld” where we see the actors and actresses in it dress up in impeccable Western style, and the critically acclaimed video game “Red Dead Redemption 2” sees us playing a cowboy where we get to dress him up in cowboy clothes to our liking.


2.    The involvement of designer brands

Photo taken from: Versace’s Instagram.

Photo taken from: Versace’s Instagram.

While Western wear are usually synonymous with work wear brands such as Wrangler, high fashion labels are slowly dipping its toes into the interesting world of cowboy style. Just recently, Fendi, Helmut Lang, and Maison Margiela showcased cowboy boots on their respective runways; a piece that everyone can try on if they want to experiment with the style. Versace even dressed Kacey Musgraves hea- to-toe in chic Western style at the 2018 Country Music Association Awards.


3.    Cowboy clothes are actually pretty nice


Despite it getting a bad rep, Western style is actually wearable and will not disrupt your overall look. Try out simple pieces first like a belt with a huge horseshoe buckle designed with embroideries, a shirt with Western motives on it, or the signature cowboy boots which have been redone to make it more accessible to people.


4.    It stands the test of time


Cowboy style is not just a trend that comes and goes. It was part of American culture back in the days and it still is to this day. This is because this particular style is accessible and wearable to everyone, not only to Americans. Granted, wearing the full set might feel a little out of place but try to experiment bit by bit. We are sure you would look good and most unique compared to everyone else.



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