Why Mondays are the Absolute Worst


Be honest, who here woke up this morning in the laziest state dreading to face today? We are pretty sure we are not alone in this matter because Mondays are universally hated by everyone especially for those who are working. It is very common to feel like your soul has been sucked out on a Monday. Nothing ever feels right, and nothing probably will until the end of the day.

So why does it always feel like this? We do not seem to have any problems on other days, but Mondays are just something else entirely. Well, not to make your day any worse but let us break it down for you as to why Mondays are the absolute worst.

1.    Back to reality


Ultimately what makes us hate Mondays so much is the thought of going back to reality after two days of having fun. You probably blew off some steam over the weekends and want to continue doing so but nope, you are back to your work desk the next day with mountains of documents ready to be done. At this point, you would rather laze in your pyjamas than work.


2.    Everyone’s in a bad mood

Imagine everyone at the office feeling the Monday blues similarly to what you are feeling today. Imagine interacting with them. Would not that be a nightmare? The fact that everybody else is also in a bad mood will ruin your day as it gives off a negative vibe; one that you do not already need.


3.    Furthest from the weekend

The thought of the weekend being so far away from a Monday just breaks our hearts. We know weekend is coming eventually but the journey to brave all five days before that happens only weakens our spirits. And that time machine idea to fast forward to Friday night does not help either.




Why is it that wherever you go, everyone seems to be there at the same time as you are? There is a long line to get breakfast, parking is always full, people walking slower than usual; everybody is present everywhere when you are. It is as if they all had the same idea that is to do things on a Monday.


5.    Traffic jams everywhere


Do not get us started on Monday’s traffic because it is just the worst. Everyone is impatient on the road, they are running late for work, and they want to take out their frustrations on the first person they see which is probably unlucky you.



So, what ticks you off on a Monday? Or are you not affected at all by this day? Share your thoughts on the common section below.