#ZALORACHALLENGE Merdeka Edition - Proud Malaysians Doing Malaysian Things

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The 62nd Malaysian Independence Day is just around the corner and we could never be any prouder than what we have achieved as a society and as a Malaysian in general today. Sure, we have a long way to catch up in some departments but still, it is amazing to see what Malaysia has become since our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, chanted “Merdeka” back in 1957.

In conjunction of this year’s Merdeka month, we set up a challenge called #ZALORACHALLENGE to see what these young and trendy Malaysians are up to nowadays plus some insights on their fashion choices which transcends casual style in the 50’s.

1.    Nasi lemak for breakfast

Photo taken from  @daniaqistina .

Photo taken from @daniaqistina.

What better way to start off your day than to have a hot plate of nasi lemak in the morning? Some might say it is the quintessential Malaysian breakfast meal only rivalling a classic roti canai, but why argue about one when you can have both? A good nasi lemak though can be quite filling so a word of advice, wear a loose-fitting pair of jeans.


2.    Shop at Petaling Street

Photo taken from  @nurezzanie .

Photo taken from @nurezzanie.

Photo taken from  @furrrgy .

Photo taken from @furrrgy.

Forget about those high-end expensive clothes you see in malls, Petaling Street is the place to be to find cheap knock off items that look almost similar to the real thing. By no means do we condone buying fake goods but in this economy? Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? It is going to be crowded there with people pushing and pulling you along the way, so wear something more relaxed and simpler.


3.     Visit colourful Batu Caves

Photo taken from  @lab.xm .

Photo taken from @lab.xm.

Batu Caves is known to be a Tamil Shrine which happens to be the focal point of any Hindu celebration in Malaysia. However, last year, Batu Caves underwent a colourful makeover that definitely caught everyone’s attention, even non-Hindus, which successfully became a new tourist attraction. Going up the cave, it now looks vibrant with each of the 272 steps coloured in different shades. To get with the bright mood, why not wear something that is colourful too?


4.    Kedai runcit is a gold mine

Photo taken from  @sachisms .

Photo taken from @sachisms.

The trusty kedai runcit is where Malaysians search for their daily essentials be it toiletries, snacks, or even some instant cup noodles for any busy on-the-go Malaysians. Nowadays, we have bigger convenience stores like Family Mart, 99 Speedmart, and KK Super Mart, but nothing beats the ol’ classic kedai runcit.

5.    Wandering around historical monuments

Photo taken from  @kendragan .

Photo taken from @kendragan.

Photo taken from  @inarahsofiya .

Photo taken from @inarahsofiya.

Photo taken from  @bobostephanie .

Photo taken from @bobostephanie.

We have lots of monumental places that define what Malaysia is all about. From Dataran Merdeka where the whole Independence Day took place all the way to Tugu Negara, a sculpture that commemorates those brave men and women who died in Malaysia's struggle for freedom. And those are just in Kuala Lumpur! Melaka, Pulau Pinang, and Perak are some of the states that have rich historical impacts to today’s Malaysia.


6.    Snack time!

Photo taken from  @amandalmy .

Photo taken from @amandalmy.

Malaysians and food can never be separated. Everywhere you go, you will for sure find a nice little kopitiam or even a van parked by the side of the road selling snacks that can fill up your tummy just enough to make it to dinner. Banana fritters or pisang goreng is a general favourite but on a hot day, the cendol is the one you want to get.



These are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do here around Malaysia. There is the Balai Seni Negara where you artsy people can visit, walk around Dataran Merdeka, or even have dinner at the revolving restaurant at KL Tower. It is never boring here in Malaysia and 62 years of independence proves just that.

What are your favourite Malaysian pastimes? What do you think our next #ZALORACHALLENGE will be? Share your thoughts at the comment section below.