A Girl's Guide to Finding Mr. Right

How to find your Mr. Right?

Every single girl certainly dreamt of finding Mr. Right and wishes to marry one. This is because we see Mr. Right as someone who can understand us in almost every single aspect from our attitude to accepting our weaknesses. However, it is not easy to find your Mr. Right like Cinderella did. All she had to do was have a fairy godmother, wear the perfect dress and glass heels. And the prince came to find her by just one encounter at a ball. Well, reality wise it is way harder and you need to know what you want in your Mr. Right.

What is Mr. Right?

What is Mr. Right?

If we ask other people, they might be telling us Mr. Right is the ideal future husband or the perfect man. Then, we start to think about what are the characters that Mr. Right should have to be an ideal man. Some characteristics that may come to your mind is whether the man is rich, handsome, dresses well, romantic or sweet.

The idea of finding Mr. Right is always misunderstood by girls. The perfect man in your mind might be a different one for another lady. The ideal terms may be accurate if we comprehend the definition. The ideal is referred to someone being the most suitable for us. Mr. Right is actually for a girl that holds similar qualities of value, maturity, and stability that women need.

Mr. Right is not about the ideal or the perfect one. But, it is more on finding someone that fits the puzzle. A man who has similar standards and priorities for you and vice versa. For example, a rich guy may look desirable but you might not have the chemistry with him for a relationship to blossom.

Now, the question is how to find and get your Mr. Right?

10 Girl’s Guide To Find Mr. Right

1. Be Mrs. Right First

Being Mrs. Right Tips

Whatever we want in our life, we must start with ourselves first. Searching for Mr. Right will be easier if we know who we are and what we want for ourselves in our life. To get the real Mr. Right, we must be the Mrs. Right for the Mr. Right. 

Mostly, girls want a positive guy to be a partner. In their opinion, a positive guy will help them to be a positive and better person. But, the fact is finding the right man is not going to change anything if it's not from their actions. Accordingly, we must create a positive version of ourselves first to meet someone as positive too.

The first step to being positive is from our thoughts and feelings. Learn to be happy inside. No matter how great we increase self-value, without the right thoughts and right feelings, we will never feel happy with any man we are with.


2. Learn and Improve self-value

How to improve self-value?

What is the relationship between improving ourselves with finding Mr. Right? To achieve the mission of becoming Mrs. Right for Mr. Right, we must know and understand what men want in women too. Normally, qualities men are searching for is something that holds a similar value as them. 


3. Make Observations


Put yourself out there to be seen. Leave the house and learn to make new friends. Observe the people around you and who knows you might find a few that catches your attention. 

4. The Right Places


One of the strategies for meeting Mr. Right is to find them in the right places. However, be sure to go to places that are of your interest only as no man wants a woman who pretends to be interested in the same objectives just to approach them. Be genuine.


5. Dress Well Every Day

How to Dress well?

First impression is key! So make sure you are well dressed whenever you step out of the house. You never know who you might run into. (Hint: Your potential man.) Plus, if you dress well, it helps elevate your mood and confidence which will then attract others towards you. 

Here some are looks that surprisingly guys love seeing a woman wear. 

  • Wear belted dresses and jumpsuit. That belt will be featuring a waist shape. A girl will look beautiful.

  • A classic black dress is also attracted and good choice.

  • Skinny jeans with high heels or knee-high boots. Wear it with sneakers are also cute.

  • Guy also likes a girl wear glasses because they look so cute and nerd.

However, please don't forget to respect ourselves. Don't show off too much skin to get a guy to notice you as this will attract more Mr. Wrong.

6. Have An Attractive Personality

How to be having a humor sense?

Having an attractive personality is a powerful ability to make others be more drawn to us. This is one of the keys to making friends and having a lasting relationship. It could be from having good communication skills, empathy, sense of humor to caring and other positive qualities. Instill them in yourself and be a positive energy to others. 


7. Use the Internet

How to find Mr. Right Online?

Nowadays, making new friends through the internet is not something odd. There are married couples who get acquainted via the internet. We can create a social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, ad Twitter without difficulty. We can start approaching someone with a simple chat to make ourselves visible. If they are interested in us, the conversation will continue. 

Besides that, there are also various dating sites out there. There is nothing wrong with being open for matchmaking services because you might meet The One. 


8. Rise Above the Past

The rules how to find Mr. Right

If you are wondering why we are struggling to find the right person, the root of the problem could sometimes be your self. Do we treat others well? Are we living in the real-time or still stuck in the past? It is difficult for a new man to love a woman who still can't move on from their past love relationship. Every love story is better if both put in the effort towards each other. As scary as it is, do open our heart to new people and try again. Take your failed relationships in your past and learn to know the type of man you would want to be with and deserves our affection.

9. Ask Friends and Family

How to find your Mr. Right through your friends?

Don't you ever hear the statement that our friends and family know us better than ourselves? Sometimes, we don't see our potential and talent but people keep telling us about it. Likewise, the same with our attitude and behavior that we don't realize that might be rude or negative. Simply ask your friends or family how you are as a person to give you a rough idea of how you can improve yourself for the better.


10. Check His Background and Goals

How to do a background check on new boyfriend?

To make sure he is a good man that is good for us, check his background and his priorities. By doing this, we can find out a little bit about his lifestyle and behavior. How to do a background check on him? The internet is your best friend here. Try to search for his information through the internet and normally his social media platforms will turn in the results page. Not only that, if you have been dating for a while, we can ask him to bring us to see his parents. If he considers us as someone special, he will not be dodging the plan. 

Have you tried all of the tips above? Do you have any additional tips? Please share some of your tips in the comment section below.