All the Different Types of Coats You Need

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It is a shame that most Malaysians turn a blind eye on the epicness of coats. Because coats are a stylish fashion piece that can turn anyone into a badass instantly. Sometimes, you do not even have to try underneath. Feel like your basic outfit is too ordinary? Pop a coat above it and you will be looking like a person who understands fashion. Just look at all the cool Hollywood celebrities who wear coats everywhere they go.

Granted, it would be pretty nonsensical to wear a coat in the hot and humid weather of Malaysia, but you cannot deny the cool factor of coats. Here are some coats that are sure to make you think twice into trying a coat on even in our climate.

1.    Duffle coat

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The name “duffle” originated from Duffel, Belgium where the fabric was first founded and applied in fashion. Not many people know the history of this fashion piece, but duffle coats were supplied to the British Royal Navy back in 1890. Now, duffle coats are meant for winter in Europe where lots of people there are seen in it. The metal hooks and laces instead of buttons or zips are what make this coat stand out.


2.    Over / Trench coat


The trench coat is considered a timeless classic where everybody looks good in no matter which era you come from. This is because it gives off a professional, practical, and polished look naturally. No wonder this piece originally came from military men back in the days. Now, it is a functional piece which you can wear during cold or rainy weathers to keep you dry.


3.    Pea coat


Who would have thought that pea coats originally came from sailors? These gentlemen introduced this fashion piece to the public as we see it looking dapper on everyone including women. It is a coat which significantly features broad lapels and a double-breasted front. While there are a lot of colour choices for you, navy is still the preferred hue for pea coats.


4.    Raincoat


It is known that raincoats are to prevent you from getting wet during rain. But since street style is taking over fashion by storm, raincoats are now a style move that the cool kids are wearing as outerwear accessory. It does not matter if it rains or not, what is important is that you look the most hypebeast / hypebae in a vibrant raincoat.



We know Malaysia’s weather is not quite the coat type, but would you wear it in the name of fashion? Which of the many coats do you think you can pull off? Share with us at the comments section below.