[Beauty 101] Go-to Make-up Tools for the After-party


1.    Make-up remover

First of all, a make-up remover will be your best friend when it comes to reapplying your new look for the after-party as you want to get rid of all your previous make-up. Sometimes you do not need to wipe it all off though as some sections might work for the after-party. But do bring it anyways just in case of emergency.


2.    Eye shadow

Miller emn S19 006.jpg

Your eyes will be an important factor when it comes to your after-party look. This is because it makes all the difference in your look and with the right application, you will look as if the night is too young for you. We suggest going a smokey darker shade this time as it gives a dramatic effect, perfect for the after-party vibe.


3.    Eyebrow pencil

Leonard emn S19 012.jpg

To further compliment your eyes, a pair of neatly shaped eyebrows are what they need to really enhance your after-party look. At the party earlier, we are sure your eyebrows will be all over the place after going hard on the dance floor. So, recover your brows from that by retouching it with an eyebrow pencil to give it a sharp and neat look.


4.    Nude lipstick


Lipstick is arguably the most important make-up tool for women, and it is for emergencies like these where it will come in handy. You have already gone for the bright red look at the main party, now loosen up a little with a nude colour. Since your eyes are doing all the talking at the after-party, you do not want your lips to come in the way and disrupt that.



How do you prepare for the after-party? Any tips that you can share with us? Comment at the box below.