[Beauty 101] How to Maintain Healthy Hair


Nowadays, we see people being more confident with their hair and that is a good thing. There are a lot of people with dyed hair, people using countless products for it, and overall just people with nice hairstyles. But as we get more preoccupied with the style of our hair, we sometimes neglect the importance of its health.

As many of us try so hard to look stylish, not many of us realise that healthy hair will result in a longer, shinier, and thicker locks which is a better style than any other. You do not have to depend 100% on products though. There are certain positive habits that you can follow through to achieve healthy hair.

1.    Trim regularly


You might think that trimming your hair is counterproductive as your hair gets shorter, but it actually helps your hair grow healthier. Trimming it means getting rid of those broken and split ends that can further damage your hair. Go to a proper barber or salon and get it trimmed every other month if necessary.


2.    Avoid excessive heat


Avoiding excessive heat does not mean always covering your head from natural sunlight. We are directing this more towards man-made produced heat like a hairdryer or a hair straightener. While these tools function to help with your hairstyle, it gives off heat which can cause damage to your hair if not used cautiously. Also, try to shower in cold water rather than hot water to lessen the damage to your hair.


3.    Be smart with your products

Products help with your hair, but you must be aware not to use it too often. This is because the chemicals in it could lead to damage, so you want to use it only at times when it is necessary. When you already have a product that is suitable for your hair condition, stick to that and include it to your daily hair routine.


4.    Your diet helps!


We know it kind of sounds like it does not contribute to the health of your hair but maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for your hair. A healthy hair starts from within, so you need to be aware of the things you eat. Iron, proteins, and vitamins are all good nutrients for your hair, therefore, we suggest you consume meals that have lots of that.


5.    Handle with care


Most importantly, you need to handle your hair with care. Do not get too rough when drying your hair with a towel, dab it instead. Brush your hair twice a day but avoid overbrushing and wait until your hair gets dry because your hair is in its weakest state when wet. Also, avoid wearing hats often because you need your hair to breathe to keep it healthy.



How do you keep your hair healthy? Are there any more ways other than mentioned that you can share with us? Drop a comment in the box below.