Cheap Ways to Dress to Appear Rich


So you want to look like a million bucks but can’t afford it? We have just the right tips for you on how to dress to appear rich via some cheap and fail-proof ways.

1. Go All Black


People often say that when in doubt wear all black. Not only does it give you that slimming effect but most importantly will make you appear classy and chic. Black is a staple colour one should possess in their wardrobe because it can match with any colour. It spells simple and minimalist thus giving a person a sophisticated look once it’s worn. Since less is more this also applies to colours so why not try it. If you’re unsure of using only one colour opt for a combination of black and white which gives the same effect.

2. Wear large sunglasses


It’s undeniable that when anyone puts a pair of these on they will instantly lift their image into awesomeness. Sunglasses naturally add a bit of glam to your outfit and so the larger the better. You’ll definitely feel like a Hollywood star once you put them on.

3. Don a leather jacket


Throw one of these on any outfit you’re wearing, be it a dress or shirt and it will magically transform your look and make you not only appear rich but feel rich too.  There are plenty of faux leather jackets available for you to choose from that will not burn a hole in your pocket but instead will turn you into a sassy and exclusive fashionista.

4. Accessorize


Another secret to looking rich when you’re not is by accessorizing. This can be from wearing scarves around your neck to picking the right jewellery. With scarves make sure you select those that suit the season and in this hot climate chiffon scarves are recommended. As for jewellery, be careful not to overdo your bling by choosing just a few bracelets or earrings to dress up your simple outfit. Hats, watches and even handbags are also among things you can add to your outfit to give that rich appearance. So that even if you’re not too dressed up the accessories you choose can help do the job.

5. Wear lipstick


If you want to appear rich you surely do not want to look pale while you’re at it. So dab a little lipstick to brighten up your look going for bold colours that will make you stand out in the crowd. Adding some colour to your face will do wonders and add character to your appearance.

6. Wear pointy shoes


Pay attention to your shoes as well in order to get this rich look you desire and opt for pointy ones. They have a sophisticated look to them and will leave you looking like a million dollars once you pair them with your outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re into flats or heels, the pointier they are the better.

7. Buy designer inspired pieces


Who says you can’t dress in designer wear just because you’re on a tight budget? The quickest way to appear rich is by shopping at designer inspired stores. These stores offer clothes and even handbags akin to designer wear so purchasing one will not only be affordable but allow you to imitate the style of the rich and famous. Check out these stores near you and transform yourself into the desired look of your choice.

7. Pick the right fabrics


Ultimately you also need to pick the right kind of fabric while having an eye to detect good bargains. Go for clothes made of cotton, suede or linen which will bring out the distinguished look you want. To do this you must take the time to read labels so that you select the right fabric. Also be careful not to buy clothing that is too loose resulting in an ill-fitting look and instead ensure that your clothing is well-fitted to your body. (Tip: get your clothes tailor-made) Finally, ensure that your outfit looks new and not worn out so as to maintain that “expensive look”.

Dressing up well does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on your clothing. Sometimes it just requires some mixing and matching here and there to complete the sophisticated look you’re aiming for and most likely good maintenance of your clothing to keep it always looking fresh. Make sure to also wear a confident look together with your outfit for a more convincing persona. If you can do all that your friends will surely think you were made of gold.

Do you have other tips of cheap ways to dress to appear rich? Share with us down below.