How to Change Your Room Into A Sleeping Den


After a long hectic day, you need your beauty sleep. You need to rest. However, sometimes, lying on your bed in your pyjamas, you are still wide awake and could not sleep. Maybe the surrounding is not cozy enough, you are still thinking about work or worse, the unfinished house chores. Well, what you actually need is a sleeping den. Yes. Let’s change your bedroom into a sleeping den so that you can be lulled to dreamland once your head touches the pillow. Continue reading for some tips on what you can do in creating a perfect sleep sanctuary for yourself.

1. Control The Lights


Darkness is essential in ensuring good quality sleep. It helps to produce the melatonin also known as the sleep hormone, sending a signal to the body that it needs rest. Thus, try to control all the sources of lights in your bedroom (and from the outside such as the hall lights or street lights) so that the level of darkness would not be compromised.

Investing on blackout curtains is a smart move. You will not only get to experience similar surrounding like sleeping in a hotel room but also able to keep your room dark as long as you want to. You will be guaranteed a sound sleep without being disturbed by the sunshine or glaring street lights.

2. A comfortable bed is a must


Your bed should be the most comfortable piece in your bedroom as it is the key to an optimal sleeping condition. The cozier your bed, the more inviting it will be. Get yourself a quality mattress. Pick the most comfortable bedding. A couple of extra pillows or cushions will be fine too. You might also want to add several layers to your bedding in order to create a luxurious bed look. You can easily add or take off the layers, adjusting with your body and comfort without the need to get out of the bed. All these will entice you to just get on your bed, snuggle in and sleep soundly through the night.

3. Calming and relaxing music


Find your ideal soundscape for sleep. Some people prefer complete silence but others might need calming and relaxing sounds to fall asleep. You can get yourself a sound machine or simply download an app for this. Alternatively, Youtube has a lot of free clips of ocean waves and rainfall sounds that plays continuously for sleeping and relaxation. The soothing quality of this so-called white noise relaxes you.

4. Some soothing scent for your space


Scent plays quite an important role in your bedroom too. Do not let odors build up in your room as it will be impossible for you to rest peacefully. Use air freshener, aromatherapy, essential oil or even scented candles to set calming atmosphere. Pick the right scent, something like lavender, sandalwood or chamomile that promotes relaxation and better sleep. You can opt for floral scents if you wish for a romantic mood.

5. Decorate your room with your personal touch


Remember, your bedroom the place where you want to settle in at the end of the day and feel really good about it. So, decorate your room as you wish but do not forget how it will impact you on your busy tiring day where you need rest the most. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  • Use warm calming paint color for your room.

  • Hang fairy lights and a canopy over the bed for a whimsical magical touch.

  • Put some fresh plants for better sleep like a snake plant or aloe vera. Better yet, bring in your favourite fresh flowers to be the star of your room.


  • Add a fluffy small rug by your bed. Just something soft and nice for your feet to land on first thing in the morning.

  • Add things with sentimental values like photographs of your loved ones, your favourite books or artson your bedside table.

  • Try to keep your room clean and uncluttered. If possible, remove all work-related stuff and electronics from the room.

All these will certainly create the perfect ambience of self belonging, calmness and restfulness, making you at ease in your own zone.


Have you made any efforts in changing your bedroom into a perfect peaceful sleeping den? Please do not hesitate to share with us on how you transform your bedroom that entices you to drift off to sleep without hassles in the comment box below.