How to Wear Flesh-coloured Clothes Without Confusing People


Nude makeup is simple enough to pull off, but the same cannot quite be said for nude clothes. If anything, nude clothes are the trickiest to master, because you run the risk of looking washed out—or worse, look like you’re walking around without anything on! The horror. So what is a gal to do when she’s dying for the cool chic air that nude clothes so effortlessly possess? Well, either she has to learn through trial and error, or she could take a look at this nifty guide right here! You’re welcome.

1. Pick a shade that is several shades darker or lighter than your skin tone


This is one of those things that is right under your nose but you don’t realise it until it’s pointed out to you. Translation: if you want to escape either the extreme faux pas of looking like you’re without clothes, then going several shades darker or lighter than your skin tone is key. This can easily be done with a nude top, a nude skirt or a nude pair of pants. Any piece, as long as the shade doesn’t match your skin tone. This is the simplest, fool proof trick in the book if you’re too shy to try anything bolder.

2. Experiment with pops of colour


Sometimes we make fashion mistakes and that’s okay. If you think the nude colour you picked washes you out, then you can easily remedy the situation by throwing on a contrasting piece or two! For instance, you can layer an emerald jacket over your nude-toned top, or go the other way around by layering a nude jacket over your emerald top. You may also experiment with the colour black, darker neutral tones like navy or brown, or contrasting neutrals like white or bright colours. The best part is, this contrasting method works whether the nude you picked enhances or washes you out.

3. You can play around with shine and texture too


A clever way to escape the major nude-toned sin is to play around with shine and textures. Think glitter, velvet, satin, lace and faux fur. You get the picture. By playing around with these different materials, you’re clearly setting your nude-toned piece apart from your actual skin. For extra fun, you can play around with billowy silhouettes too. Think of how feminine you’d look in a delicate, flowy, nude-toned pair of trousers, blouse or dress.

4. Accessorize with bold jewellery


Aside from picking contrasting pieces to go with your nude piece, you can also accessorize with contrasting jewellery. Whether it’s a statement necklace, big dangling earrings or a chunky bracelet, a wild accessory might just be what you need to lend an extra bit of oomph to your look. Be warned, though, it says “extra”. A statement necklace won’t be able to save your outfit if a pair of leggings that is the same colour as your skin is a part of it. Just saying. To play it safe, if statement jewellery isn’t enough, use it in addition to your outfit, instead of relying on it entirely.

5. Pair it with a leopard print


Prints is another great way to go, and do you know what print happens to go extremely well with nude pieces? The ever vivacious leopard print. Worn by only the bold, the soft calmness of a nude-toned piece is the perfect companion for the leopard print. They complement each other so well they look like they belong together. What could be better proof of their unexpected partnership than that?

 Thus, this is the option to keep in mind if you don’t want to go for the classic, elegant route that nude pieces so often offer. Or if you want to go for an unexpected twist, why not pair your nude piece with that one wild leopard printed item that comes with a surprisingly feminine silhouette? For example, a simple nude top with a flowy leopard print skirt.


There are tons of ways to wear nude clothes. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!