How You Can Maintain Beautiful Skin Just Like Your Favourite K-idols  

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There is no strict guideline on how you are supposed to take care of your skin. But have you ever wondered how most K-idols have clear, glowing and beautiful skin? You might be aware that Korean beauty standards are pretty high and because these K-idols needs to be in front of the camera most of the time, taking care of their skin is crucial. However, the secret of their skincare to achieve that flawless look isn’t impossible for normal people like us to follow. Read down below and let’s discover how your favorite K-idol achieves beautiful looking skin.

1. Cleansing your skin


First and foremost, cleansing is the basic skincare routine that everyone should do. K-idols always need to have makeup on for almost the rest of the day, therefore the first step to achieve great looking skin is to cleanse your face at least two times a day. To effectively cleans your face, you need to know your skin type and use product that suits your skin. 


Member of EXO, Chan Yeol shares with Korea Times, that it is essential to wash off your makeup first before proceeding to wash your face. Another K-idol, Chung Ha reveals that it is important to cleanse the face before applying any other product on. She also told that she deep cleanses her face using oil cleanser, foaming cleanser and foaming bubble at once. This shows how important cleansing skin can be for K-idols and it is the base of getting beautiful skin.


2.     Sheet Masks


If you are a fan of K-idol, you must be familiar with sheet masks. Most K-idols are fans of sheet masks because sheet masks are inexpensive and easy to carry especially when they are on tour. Sheet masks can also give a hydrating and brightening effect based on its type.

Photo credit:  V Live

Photo credit: V Live

Jin, a member of BTS said in an interview with that he loves sheet mask and he tries to put them on whenever he feels that his skin is dry and exposed too much sun. Sheet mask helps him make up for lost moisture and brightens his skin. KCON LA, member of Dreamcatcher JiU, also shares that her favorite sheet mask which she find helpful to her skin is the potato sheet mask.


3.     Hydration is Key


Do you notice that most of your K-idols skin look healthy, youthful and plump? It is because they keep their skin hydrated. BTS’s V, shares on V Live that after spending a lot of time traveling, he learned that keeping his skin hydrated is very important. V also shares tips on how he gives his skin extra hydration other than drinking plenty of water, he puts his toner on a cotton pad and places them on his cheek, forehead, and chin for 10 minutes.

Photo credit:  V Live

Photo credit: V Live

Other than your skin, keeping your lips hydrated is important. Nayeon, member of Twice, shares a simple trick for gorgeous and healthy-looking lips. She applies lip balm at night before she sleeps and it does wonders for her. Despite the busy schedule, K-idols always spend time to pamper themselves for the perfect looking skin.

Share with us your trick and tips to maintain beautiful and flawless skin down below.