Kids Fashion Trends Spotted in 2019


Dressing up our kids is fun, but it also makes us as parents to always keep a lookout for trendy yet good quality garments for our little ones. Since there are a lot of children’s fashion brand out there, it might be difficult for you to spot the trending styles right away but no worries as we can help narrow it down for you.  Read down below to get to know what kid’s fashion trends are spotted this year.

1.     Gender Neutral Tones


Do not limit your child’s clothing based on the typical pink for girls and blue for boys as there has been a major shift in the children’s fashion scene leaning towards a more gender-neutral style. From colors like white, beige, grey and brown, it has become the popular color palette in the kid’s fashion scene this year.

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2.     Denim


Denim could never go out of style as it is an evergreen trend even in the kid’s fashion world. The denim wear pieces add a trendy statement to any child who flaunts the look. In the mini-me version of denim it is not just limited to jacket and jeans, but also shoes, bags, dresses, shirts and even denim accessories too.

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3.     Cute Florals

RoundAges 15917.jpg

Florals are also a trend that has been making a comeback every single year as it gives that perfect sweet vibe for the little girls to show off. No matter what color it is from tops, dresses or leggings, florals are always a must-have piece in your little girls’ wardrobe.

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4.     Illustration Prints


Why not make your little one’s wardrobe exciting with trendy illustration printed tops! Pick from the fun designs available and let them flaunt it as their casual day-to-day wear.

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