Proof That Suits Are Not Only for Formal Occasions


Yes Malaysia’s weather is not designed for multi-layer apparels but nobody says we can’t dress up indoors! While suits are typically associated with formal occasions, fashion has brought this specific attire to the next level. With today’s variety of prints, colours and cutting to choose, it is not absurd to think that suits actually fit many other events. As they are highly wearable, it proves the needs for us to have at least a pair of this sample in our wardrobe. So in today’s article, we are shedding some light to proof you that suits are not only for formal occasions. With a little tweak here and there, here are the events where you could rock various suit looks.

1.       Printed or coloured suit

checkered blazer.jpeg

Yes suits tend to look more formal so be a little creative to the designs to jazz up some mood. Opt for checkered or coloured suit to make you look a little laid back for the opera or symphony you are attending. In fact, pair them well with matched plain trousers so you don’t look too checkered, if you know what I mean.


2.       A pair of sneakers

suit and sneakers.jpeg

Suits are wearable even on birthday bashes without having you to look too formal. So put on a pair of low-top sneakers to help you dress down your suit. Go for plain minimal designs while making sure they are clean. And please, not the ones you use to play football with stains on!


3.       That smart casual look on your dinner date

polo shirt.jpeg

If you’re planning to take your other half for a dinner, this is one of the best times to put that suit on. Impress her with your good look especially if you don’t always go on formal attire for work. A well-fitted polo shirt with jeans goes amazingly with your plain blazer and your look is da!


4.       Ladies, be vibrant on your monthly catch up sesh

muslimah suits.jpeg

Especially to the wives and moms who need their timeout with the ladies, this is the time to be decked out in that look without worrying about milk stains on your top. Class it up with a bright coloured blazer.  In fact, there are many ways to doll your suit up if you’re going for modest or muslimah fashion. You could loosen them up with a longer blazer or pair it with an maxi skirt instead of pants. And momma you’re good to go!


5.        While travelling on flights

suits and flights.jpeg

Just as they say first impression is the key to how people would treat you, consider putting on a suit while taking a plane. Not only you would get to save on the baggage, the staff and flight attendance would most probably be taking care of you better since they would probably assume you might be someone of importance. Even if you are just to run some errands. For the ladies, pair your suit with an obi belt on the waist to tone down the formality and flatter that feminine look.

So what do you think? Does suits fit many other occasions or would you rather leave it to just the formal occasions? Share your thoughts down below and better still, the way to dress them up!