Reasons Why Matte Lipsticks Are Awesome


Lipstick is one of important makeup products that women should have in their kit. Same goes with fashion, you can always do trial and error using all kinds of lipsticks from many huge brands available in the market nowadays. There are many types of lipsticks out there such as moisturizing lipsticks, sheer lipsticks, gloss lipstick and matte lipsticks to name a few.

Nowadays there have been a lot of talks on matte lipstick and it is quickly becoming one of the favourite makeup products among women. Matte lipsticks are awesome BUT before you wear your favourite matte lipstick, make sure apply some lip balm on to avoid your lips becoming dry. Another smart tip in wearing matte lipstick is to avoid rubbing your lips together, because it can make your matte lipstick shade look uneven. Women rock the matte lipstick look for not just special occasions but also for daily usage. However we know some of you might feel doubtful in pulling it off so let’s check out why you should!

1. Long Lasting 

mattelipstick entry1.jpg

The specialty of matte lipstick is it is long lasting and doesn’t wipe away easily even as you eat or drink. You don’t need to keep touching up your lips as often. How great is that! A single application of matte lipstick is enough, means you just apply only for the first time and won’t need to keep reapplying it for second and third time.

2. Look Elegant


Matte Lipstick can make you look elegant and beautiful all day along. The texture gives you that sexy pout and definitely gives that boost of elegance. Every matte lipstick shades has their own uniqueness and it can gives personal definition to your lips and your face as well.

3. Looks natural


As matte lipstick are highly pigmented and tend to stay on your lips longer, so for those who want a natural makeup look, wearing a neutral matte lipstick shade will definitely do the trick in contrast to glossy one. 

So tell us why you think matte lipsticks are awesome in the comment section below.