Reasons Why You are Always Hungry


Do you ever just feel hungry all the time for no good reason? Isn’t it weird that you feel like eating even after you had a big lunch earlier in the day? Sure, a proper meal three times per day is normal but if you find yourself constantly snacking every hour, something is wrong with your body.

Do not worry though. It is not anything medically serious (hopefully for you). It is probably just your daily diet and the lifestyle you lead that result in you being hungry 24/7. There is a reason why that is so let’s look at why you are always hungry despite having already eaten a three-course meal.

1.    Not enough protein


Ever wonder why fitness people always resolve to chicken in their diet? This is because it is high in protein which will keep you full until the next meal or even longer. The reason why you are hungry the next hour after gulping on a plate of kampung fried rice is because it does not contain any form of protein. Therefore, eat food with more protein or just land on half a chicken. That always works.


2.    Too many refined carbs


That plate of pasta would not help your tummy in being full. As filling as pasta is at that moment, it would not last long and will only add extra kilos to your body weight. Those cookies and pastries you snack on in between meals? They have refined carbs too which have been stripped of its proper nutrients.


3.    You are just thirsty


Dehydration often mimics the feeling of hunger. This is because your brain sends you mixed signals about you feeling hungry when actually you are super thirsty. So, whenever you feel hungry, drink a bottle of water first to make sure it is not hunger that you are feeling. It is just thirst.


4.    Lack of sleep


Lack of sleep might disrupt our level of leptin hormones which are hormones that determine that you are full. With it dropping, you will experience frequent hunger which is not good for your diet. So, put on your pyjamas and get your eight-hour beauty sleep.


5.    Boredom strikes


Being bored can also contribute to your unhealthy snacking habit. This is because when you are bored, you lose the ability to make smart choices on your food, only confusing you that you must eat to kill time. Our advice: do not eat when you are bored. Go out and do something for once.


6.    You are stressed as hell


Ever heard of the term “stress eating”? While you think that is an excuse for you to get your snack on, stress does affect your appetite control which will lead to sudden craving for sugary food. If you really need to stress eat though, avoid sugar and consume healthy snacks instead like berries, mixed nuts, yogurts, and others.



Now that you know what causes your hourly craving for food, try to keep away from it by leading a healthy and proper lifestyle. Do you always feel hungry? How do you prevent from falling victim to it? Share with us in the comments section below.