Signs That Shows Men Are Seriously Committed to You


A lot of people think that men are the simplest when it comes to relationships but contrary to popular belief, men can be difficult to read sometimes. They would think of something, say it differently, and do the total opposite; that is just how men are in a relationship. That is why women's complaints that men sometimes do not make sense is quite legit.

So, how would you know if he is seriously committed to one? What are the signs showing that he indeed wants to be your life partner? Do not worry ladies as we got the deets on how you can tell when your man is serious about the relationship.

1.    He makes future plans


You know things are serious when he starts to talk about the future with you. It might take a long while to get there but when it does, no mistake, he wants to have a life with you. The big giveaway is obviously about marriage, but his future plans can be about something else too like moving in together, adopting a puppy with you, or wanting you to get along with his mother; all these things that contribute to his future plans.


2.    He brings you to his world


One major thing that a guy always does is that he shares his passion with you. He wants you to know his world no matter how polar it is to you. It is not a deal-breaker though if you do not share the same interest with him. It is all about the connection that you lovebirds have that you do not mind his crazy hobbies and favorite things.


3.    You are a priority to him


As busy as he may be with work and whatnot, he never fails to put you first on his list. This is because he knows you are the most important person in his life and will include you in his day even if it is just a phone call. Everything he does, you are in his mind first. Nobody can prevent him from wanting to spend time with you as you are his number one priority.


4.    He has settled down


Gone are his partying days and this time, you see him more settled down than ever before. He is more focused on a lifestyle that is fit for two by getting rid of his old habits, wild times, and things that he has done in the past which he has stopped doing all for the sake of his relationship with you. You even notice his clothes change from his questionable statement tees to a clean, slim button-up shirt. When a man has changed for you, you know you are in for something serious.



What are the signs your man showed you when he wants to commit to a serious relationship? Share with us in the comments section below.