Skincare Routine to Help You With Your Good Night Sleep


While we are asleep, our cells go into intelligent overdrive in order to help repair all the damages on our skin that occurred during the day. Increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin due to the dilation of our blood vessels just to stimulate the removal of toxic cellular products. How cool is that? This is the opportunity to add in a skincare routine that helps you with your sleep (and looking fabulous the next morning).



Doesn’t matter if you did your make-up during the day or not, the removal of all traces of dirt, oil and other buildup are essential before you clean your face using facial cleanser. Facial cleanser alone isn’t enough to make your skin clean. Remove debris from your face with makeup removers or micellar water will prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Then, gently cleanse your face using a suitable facial cleaner that is not harsh to your skin. Overly harsh products only will strip off your skin’s natural oil making it dry and irritated.


2.       RIGHT TONER


Toner will shrink the appearance of your pores and serve as a protection. It will also eliminate any missed residues from your routine before. Don’t forget to tone your neck as well!


3.       SERUM


Serums are highly concentrated to target specific skin issues. Know what issues that you want to solve, be it brightening, hydrating or ageing. They also include vitamins and nutrients in your serum to nourish your skin. Retinols are often recommended as part of the skincare routine to slow down the aging signs and also to help skin repair. Oh, you might also want to add eye cream in your night time skincare routine because the eyelid is the thinnest and most delicate skin and it will show the sign of aging the fastest.




Sleeping mask will moisturise your skin while you are asleep and also the ingredients are mild enough for your skin to tolerate it overnight. Invest in a good sleeping mask especially the one that targets to hydrate your skin and repairing your skin’s barrier. You will feel the difference when you wake up.


After all the night time skincare routine, light your lavender soothing candle to help you sleep better, and now you are ready to have a good night sleep. Do you have any other suggestions? Don’t forget to comment below.