The 2019 Top 5 Fashion Trends That Are In

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Although the runway showcases the various trends coming into place, there is no better place to see what’s trending in the streetwear scene. If you are looking for the top 2019 fashion trends that are popular among women nowadays and ready to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, fret no more as ZALORA is bringing you the incredible trending pieces right here. Get your style inspiration and debut your fashion looks anywhere you go with confidence.

1.       One Sleeve Tops

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We have seen off shoulders as the top trending styles last year but this year it has a trendy twist to it. The one sleeve off-shoulder designs are seen to be hitting the fashion scale up high. From one sleeve off-shoulder tops and dresses, this piece surely helps bring out a woman’s sex appeal in the most effortless way.


2.       Puff Shoulder Sleeves

puff shoulder sleeves.jpg

While minimal trend is still a favorite, the bold statement of puff sleeves and oversized style have been getting huge attention this year. The comfort of this piece entwisted with modern silhouettes are giving it a refresh take which woman just love to flaunt around in. Feel the sense of power flaunting the puff oversized sleeves but keep your accessories minimal for that perfectly balanced look.  


3. Boiler Suits

boiler suits.jpg

The utilitarian style is seen dominating the streets with various stylish touches. Originally designed as a protective uniform for manual labor, it has transformed into the fashion industry with a more stylish twist. Named as boiler suit, this piece is not just functional but made fashionable for women to rock in. Whether you accessorize it with a nice belt, high heels and statement earrings, it will enhance the total appearance. 


4.  Animal Instinct

animal prints.jpg

Animal prints seem to always make its comeback and this year is no exception! Fashionistas are making a statement by letting their animal instincts out with various print styles from leopards, zebra to tiger prints. Leopard prints are the top favorite among the fashionistas this year appearing on garments such as blazers, suits, pants, blouses, and even dresses. Unleash your spirit animal with the various animal prints and feel that boost of confidence.


5. Bucket Hats

bucket hats.jpg

The iconic 90’s accessory is back! The bucket hats! Providing sun protection and style, bucket hats are one of the top summer accessories this year. From plain designs, printed to tie-dye, wear them with anything you have on such as dresses, overalls and oversized tops.  


So which of these is your favorite choice? Let us know down below.