The Beginners Guide to Travel On A Budget


Scrolling through social media, watching our friend’s beautiful travel photos while we are stuck in the same old routine would sometimes make us a little bit envious especially for the people who have saved money specifically for traveling in a long time. The only problem is, the savings will never be enough if we don’t add the courage to take action by just travelling with the only money we have.

Every person is a beginner. Luckily, we live in the 21st century where all the information can be gained through your fingertips. The only thing we need is internet access and the important keywords. Now, it’s time to devour the courage in planning your very first journey as a beginner to travel on a budget. Here are the steps:

1. Plan the journey

Plan, plan and plan. Planning is not only important for achieving our life goals but also crucial in making the journey successful. Therefore, the first thing we need to know is our travel destination. After that, we have to study the climate, culture, get a rough picture of what we want to experience and the biggest questions of why we choose that place as our travel destination

2. Estimate the budget


From the information that we have planned, we can estimate our budget and allocating a suitable amount. It is suggested to choose the place that has the same amount of money after cash being converted. You can try the local places that emanates the overseas vibe before traveling abroad.

Travel is like driving a different car with the same skills. You can start your very first budget by travelling in your own country or region first. After that, you can upgrade your travel journeys to the next level. In order to reduce the cost, you can use alternative transportation choices by walking or using the train or bus instead of a taxi.

3. Booking early

Doing something earlier is always better. Diligently seek on various travel platforms at least three months earlier before you make any booking for the flights and hotels. You also can buy the travel package offers during travel fairs that are always held every year by travel agencies. If you are not the agency type, you can also purchase tickets earlier at non-peak season dates.

4. Light packing


Choose luggage bags that are lightweight for your trip but be careful to not bring many useless items during traveling that will cost you to pay an extra charge for them. You also can try the backpacking travel style for a more casual experience.

5. Always be prepared for the worst

Expecting the worst by having an emergency plan will definitely help you out in any situation. Bring all the important items such as medicines, cable, power bank, international adapter (if you travel internationally that has different socket) and tripod so you don’t have to buy them at a steep price when you actually need it.

6. Make your smartphone as your best travel buddy

Your smartphone is everything during traveling, so please take care of your devices all the time by keeping it in a safe place. Save all the important contacts in one folder, so you don’t have to search for it when in need. You also can try using the apps created for travelling in order to monitor your journey as well as your budget.

7. Learn to be comfortable in an uncomfortable place


Even though you are travelling on a budget and have planned everything out, it is not necessary to be comfortable all the time. You have to be able to learn how to navigate your way in a familiar place, control your desire to eat or buy any items that are out of your budget.

Last but not least, enjoy your journey and don’t forget to capture a great scenery and wonderful moment as much as you can!