Things Every Woman Should Accomplish Before Turning 30


Do you even remember the time when you are 18 year’s old and walking fresh into adulthood? It is the period where you start to explore, experiment and make decisions for your own self in life. Through all your early adulthood up to before turning 30, it cannot be denied that you have gone through a certain amount of experiences that have taught you a lot. From 18 to 30, it gives you much time to accomplish or learn a few things in life. Read below what you should have accomplished by the time you turn 30?

1.       Relationship Opinion


By the age of thirty, you may have already formed a firm idea of what you want out of a relationship and what you don’t. Being single is fine but if you do meet someone along the way, you understand that you prefer someone to a certain standard and have no time for games.


2.       Know Who You Are


You would have come up with a full sense of who you are as a person when you hit the thirty mark. This is the time to cement you values and beliefs in life reading to take on anything. No one has control over you because you know what type of human being you are or want to be.


3.       Body Acceptance


Yes, it is normal for anyone to feel insecure about certain parts of their body but that does not mean you cannot love your self. Whether you have hard core abs or not, it does not matter because rather than spending your days getting depressed about your figure, why not embrace it. It will take time but surround yourself with positive people and work on accepting your body no matter what size you are. Practice self-love!


4.       Style


 Once you reach 30, it is hard to get away with making bold fashion mistakes but normally around this time, you have developed your own sense of signature style. For example, you may have love donning just plain jeans and t-shirts but as you are getting older, maybe you prefer something simple yet elegant. Whatever you decide your style is, confidence is always the key.



5.       Learn Lessons


 This is the time for you to move on from the past and work on giving the best for your own self mentally, spiritually and physically. Learn the lessons you obtained from your mistakes as it helps you grow as a person. It teaches you to avoid making the same mistakes all over again.




Are you approaching your thirty mark or past it? What did you learn and accomplish by the time? Do share with us your stories down below. We would love to know!