Top 6 Autumn Looks to Try on This Year


While there is not exactly an autumn season in Malaysia, we can at least appreciate what fashion is giving us in its autumn season, right? So, move over summer and let’s welcome autumn fashion trends which you can don even in this hazy weather. But what is fashion without a little pain? At least your outfit looks good and will definitely stand out from the mask-wearing crowd.

What are the autumn fashion trends, you might ask? Well, like the inconsistent weather that we are facing lately, this season’s trend does not stick to one style but a lot of things. Wondering what the styles of the season are? Let’s jump in and peek at the looks that are dominating this autumn.

1.    Colourblock


This season, go crazy with all the colors you have as we encourage you to mix and match different hues that you can find in your wardrobe. It does not matter if the colors do not seem to blend well theoretically. It is all about experimenting and being bold with the different shades of colors.



2.    Floral


We could not get enough of summer just yet, so we are bringing its most popular motif to autumn too. Floral will forever work in any season as it is considered a timeless print that anybody can pull off. If bright and short floral party dresses were your summer go-to, long and muted ones should be your autumn style.



3.    Modest


We have not forgotten about our Muslimah fashionistas as we have some ideas on modest autumn style for you. Since autumn is a bit gloomier than the rest of the seasons, brighten the day up with colors that pop out with big fits that cover the necessary parts of your body.


4.    Retro


This year, we have seen the resurgence of retro style as our feeds are flooded with people wearing regular fit jeans, sportswear being the cool thing right now, neon colors, and many other vintage garments. Continue that trend in autumn too by wearing clothes that your parents might have worn back in the days.



5.    Rock


If you have that rocker chick in you, now is the time to show it off during this season. Sure, all the best parties happen in the summer, but autumn is not short of its festivals. If you are heading to a rock concert, however, the rockstar look will look appropriate and attractive on you.



6.    Western


Weirdly enough though, country / Western style is all the rave right now. You can blame it on Lil Nas X’s mega-hit song “Old Town Road” for it, but you cannot deny the impeccable Western style that came along with it. Nowadays, people are slowly getting into the trend which honestly, is not only stylish on Westerners but for us Asians too.



What autumn style do you think you can pull off? Any more trends you think should be an autumn staple? Share with us in the comments section below.