Women Crush September Issue - Up Close & Personal with Syazlin Zainal

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Your favourite segment is back again this month. For this September, we are bringing you a young vibrant lady as our women crush! A stunning lady who has a lovely personality and never fails to flaunt everything she has on so flawlessly. As a Youtuber, Syazlin Zainal is a name known in the social media world who also does modelling at the same time. If you are interested in getting to know a bit more about her, do read on our exclusive interview with her down below.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Syazlin Suhaizan bt Zainal and people usually call me Alin. Turning 23 years old this year and its quite challenging. I live in KL since I was 2.


2. In three words, describe to us your personality.     

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Openness. Adventurous. Independent.


3. How do you describe your sense of style?

As long as it looks pretty on me, I would definitely wear it without hesitation!


4. We notice a lot of your fashion style on Instagram and love it! Please share with us who is your fashion inspiration.

My fashion inspiration is Diana Korkunova because she doesn’t stick to one kind of style, sometimes she looks gorgeous, sometimes she looks fearless and sometimes she looks simple.


5. Sneakers? Flats? High heels?

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Sneakers! flats and high heels I will wear them for certain occasions.


6. What item in your closet do you wear the most?

My hoodies, I feel comfortable yet stylish wearing them.


7. You have flawless natural skin. Share with us your skin care regime.

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To be honest, I have stop wearing facial cleanser. I use makeup remover and wet tissue to remove my makeup. After that, I will wear my fav serum from Aprilskin!


8. You are always on point with your makeup, what are your beauty must-haves to always look gorgeous?

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Uuuu, I can’t live without my mascara and eyelash curler. My eyelashes are my biggest asset! 


9. What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever been given?

Never skip drinking plain water and always remove your makeup before you end your days.


10. If you only have one makeup product in your bag, what would it be?

My compact powder or i don’t have to wear makeup at all.


11. What is your weirdest pet peeve?

I don’t have any that seems weird but I don’t like people littering in front of me.


12. Which Disney princess do you identify the most?



13. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Read people’s mind hahaha


14. Who is your inspiration in life that motivates you to achieve all your dreams?

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Famous youtubers because I am also a youtuber. They have done so many creative videos , gained good support and achieved almost all their dreams.


15. What is a current song you love that is on repeat?

Forever Young - Beyonce and Jay-Z


16. If you are stranded on an island and can only bring three people with you for survival, who would it be?

My parents and my boyfriend . I can’t live without them


17. Name us one place in the world that you would love to visit if you had the opportunity.

 Rome, Italy because I watched the Lizzie McGuire and fell in love with it! 


18. If you can live in one country in this world (excluding Malaysia), please tell us where and why/

 Indonesia because it’s still easy for me to look for halal food and so many hidden beautiful places.


19. If you had the chance to switch place with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

No one :( 


20. Every woman should know how to…

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 Embrace their ownselves. Everyone has their own beauty and talent. We must keep supporting each other rather than spreading hate. 



Are you becoming a fan of this young lady? If you are, do follow her on Instagram @syazlinzainal. Who do you want to read about next for our next month’s issue? Please leave your suggestions down in the comment box below.