3 Simple Ways to Detox


So you’ve overindulged too much over the weekend. Had one too many drinks or splurged at an all you can eat buffet. Perhaps you’ve even been bitten by the ‘I-feel-so-unhealthy’ bug which by the way, is actually a form of self guilt tripping but that’s okay because everyone feels that way at some point. The trick is not to mull it over but to take action so let’s explore some easy detox tips today.

  1. Cut the sugar

Yes, it all starts with sugar. Sugary carbs or processed carbs tend to be the ‘bad guys’. Once you’ve gone through your roller coaster post-binge emotions, start by discarding sugar from your coffee and tea. Stop yourself from opening a can of Coke or ordering a super sweet frappe. Replace processed sugars with natural sugars like honey, brown sugar or maple syrup. Good sugars in fruits are okay.

2. Drink more water


Oh yes, water is essential for regeneration and growth. Don’t over-drink yourself and end up being over-hydrated. The best way to know when you need to drink water is when your body tells you to. When you notice that your lips are chapped, drink. When your mouth feels dry, drink. Don’t drink more than 1.0 liters of water per hour. Oh, if you don’t like water. Make yourself a fancy bottle of spa water aka fruit infused water which also aids in detoxing.

3. Sweat it out


You’re going to need some cardio for this one. Sweating gets rid of toxins so it’s also one of the best ways to detox so to speak. Besides, activating your body with movements can release endorphins which in turn will help you get out of that ‘I-feel-so-unhealthy’ phase. Do something fun if you’re not into running. Book yourself a day at a challenge course or check out the greenery while hiking.

Everyone’s built differently so consult with your physician or nutritionist first if you need further clarification. Got any tips of your own? Share your comment down below.