3 TV Shows to Watch Right Now

So you’re waiting on the next season of Game of Thrones like it’s never going to air. What better way than to fill your time with other shows instead? If you haven’t already watched these, it’s time to add them to your list. You’ll need this list for popcorn nights in matching sleepwear with your girls or a snack filled night with the guys.

  1. Stranger Things


How can you not want to watch this? It’s filled with conspiracy theories, a strange lead and to top it all off, its set in the 1980s. Talk about a major throwback and saying hello to Winona Ryder who’s finally back on screen. Not forgetting, the intro cut that just makes it all even more complete with a Stephen King vibe.

2. Westworld


Plot twists and leaving a lot of whoas from here to there, you need to watch this one A.S.A.P. It leaves you with thoughts and much to think of. With compelling visuals, narrative and acting, Westworld delivers you a great punch. Wild wild west meets science fiction and thriller. You’ll be bound at your seat and be hooked for more.

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events


Childhood story books that come to life tend to peak our interests the most. You got a first look at the book in action once for a movie but now that it’s a TV Series, it’s time to get started on Episode 1. Those looking for dry humour and dark entrails, this series is just what you might be looking for. Start rooting for the Baudelaire’s and follow them into a series of unfortunate events.

Got anything else in your list that you might want to share? Give it a comment down below.