Looking pretty and flawless is every girls dream and thanks to the creation of makeup, we can easily perk up our face with it. Make up is a must-have for every woman as it gives them a quick fix up when they wake up. It does not matter whether you do your make up every single day or not, there are four beauty essentials for every make up lover to own. The first beauty item for a woman to purchase is lipsticks as the most important part of our face is the lips. Choosing the right lipstick colour is important as each colour gives you a different persona. Ladies who prefers simplicity should go for lipstick colours such as nude, dusty pink or baby pink to get that simple natural make up look.

Another important feature that we should not forget is our eyes. Eyes are said to be the windows to one’s soul. Besides that, our eyes tell others how our current mood is and it cannot be denied that we tend to have those terrible eye bags. Eyeliners and mascara definitely does the trick to hide those terrible eye bags away easily while giving you a fresh look. Outline your eyes with black or brown eyeliner and curl your lashes high for that sexy appeal.

However, getting your lips tinted with lipstick and your eyes made nicely will not be worth the time if you did not apply foundation on your entire face. Foundation plays a huge role in making sure your makeup stays in place as well as gives you a flawless finished look. The only thing you need to be aware of is to discover the foundation colour which blends in well with your skin tone. Hide those spots, wrinkles and acne away with a few dabs of foundation.

Do share us your thoughts on any other beauty items that you need every day with you. Feel free to leave us your comment below.


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