4 Things Healthy Girls Do Before 8am


Have you ever wondered why some women out there seem so energetic? Well, the secret is these women have their own healthy routine which they abide to every morning. Why? This is because how you start your morning help sets the tone for the entire day. You may think what may be the difference of your routine with these healthy girls. What do the healthy girls do before 8 am? Check them out below.

  1. Wake up 30 minutes early

You normally set your alarm exactly the time you want to wake up and tend to push the snooze button a few times after the alarm sets off. Try to break that habit and wake up 30 minutes early than your estimated time. It gives you time to roll in bed, take your time to freshen up and get ready. You will always know you will not be late and get things done in order.

2.They do not check their phone


As soon as waking up, you may have the habit of checking your phone from going through emails, social media and reading the new updates. Put it on hold for a while. You may be tempted but only give a glance to your screen. Checking your phone will only make you late to run out of the house. Once you get ready and everything is settled, then you can start checking it.

3.Power of Yoga


Even when you have no mood to go out of the house to exercise in the morning, no worries as healthy women believe in the power of yoga and so should you. It helps make you remain calm, feel peaceful and strengthen your core muscles at the same time. You can perform it in your own bedroom as soon as you get out of bed. Wear those yoga pants and feel that boost of confidence.

4.Eat a healthy breakfast


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So eat a healthy big meal such as eggs or cereal. You do not want to feel tired during the day. A healthy breakfast surely plays a big role in determining you to have a productive day. You can have that cup of coffee once in a while when you crave for it but try to limit your intake.

Do you have your own healthy habits in the morning? Share them in the comment section below.