5 Best-Seller Bags for Men 2016

For men who lug around a heavy amount of items to work and even those fashion forward street stylers, the bag is both a necessity and style item. Women might think immediately of a backpack or a briefcase but for a moment, men know better. There’s an insane amount of bag styles for men and for the clueless, this list will make things much easier to know what the top 5 best men bags are today in 2016 so read up and take note.

1. Leather-Look Satchel

On a run for a quick meeting with an important client, or even perhaps you’re in the rush to work? Toss all your documents, gadgets and essentials into a satchel and you’re ready to walk out the door. Similar to a women’s satchel, the leather men’s satchel is a quick surefire way to pack all things needed when in a rush — a definite number one best seller for its practicality.

2. Vegan Leather Men’s Sling Bag

A more casual version of the leather satchel, the leather men’s sling bag makes sure you can fit your daily essentials like your wallet and your phone. Easily slung over the shoulder across your chest, the sling bag is both stylish and functional — different than your average backpack or satchel bag.

3. Zippered Flap Crossbody

Adapted and similar in design to another woman’s bag, the zippered flap crossbody is a variant of the sling bag. What’s the difference? The fact that it has a zippered flap closing on top acting as a cover instead of just exposed zippers found on the usual sling bag design. Similarly worn like the sling bag, the zippered flap crossbody is trailing right behind in the bestsellers list.

4. Faux Leather Flap Messenger

Not quite a briefcase, but similar to the men’s satchel, a flap messenger takes a spot in the bestseller list. A stylised satchel is what it is. With details similar to an office briefcase but with the more laidback style of a messenger, when made with faux leather, it’s a must have for every working men out there.

5. Webbing Detail Flight Bag

With or without the webbing detail, the flight bag can be seen on many runways often used as an accompanying accessory for menswear styles. Much smaller than the crossbody, the men’s flight bag is used as the name suggests for bringing along travel essentials like your passport, phone and wallet onboard. However, the flight bag can also be worn on quick days out for a coffee session with the guys.

What’s your go to bag to carry around daily? Did it make the cut? Comment down below.