5 Best-Seller Bottoms for Men 2016

Kicking in next for today, the list continues with the top 5 best selling men bottoms in 2016. With the wide array of styles for men bottoms, these top 5 are the ones that have been bought and added into the closets of men the most throughout the year. Think beyond denim jeans or black skinnies. These best sellers are not what you’d expect.

  1. Regular Fit Drawstring Pants

Up top on the list, drawstring pants are in the number one spot. Known best for its style, many designers have emulated the original and changed things up by using various fabrics while retaining the relaxed fit and distinct string-tie feature. When paired with the right top and shoes, men can go from lazing in a pair of drawstrings to becoming the next street style scene stealer.

2. Joggers With Contrast Panel

Best accompanied with fuss free and easy thinking men, the jogger is an obvious pick for the best sellers list. These are not your usual pair of grey joggers though, don’t get it wrong. Joggers with contrasting panels that vary from monochrome stripes to multi-coloured stripes on the sides make an exciting ensemble for fashion forward men.

3. Tailored Slim Fit Pants

A great fit makes any man look suave and a pair of tailored slim fit pants certainly does a job well done. From smart casual to completely formal, slim fit pants have dual nature in regards to styling and is a great item to have for easygoing men in need of versatility when it comes to their wardrobe. So guys, keep your outfit sleek with this top 5 best seller.

4. Slim Fit Track Pants

The athleisure trend has made it clear that owning a pair of track pants isn’t just for the gym. Men can flaunt their toned calves in this hot best seller item — slim fit track pants. Ditch the loose wearing track pants and opt for something that’s more slim fitting to change things up from the usual black skinny denim. Hey, what better way is there to show that your workout sessions have paid off if not with a pair of slim fit track pants?

5. AS Hypercool 6 Short

I think most men agree with athleisure being both convenient and stylish at the same time. The hypercool short has been selling off the racks for its dry wick and airy material. The hypercool short is a great item for men to wear when they need to head out to the gym right after a date or meet up with the guys. Worn simply under a pair of shorts, you’re set to go.

Got any of these in your closet or have other favourites in mind? Leave a thought down below.