5 Best-Seller Bottoms for Women 2016

On to the next top 5 for this week, we’ll be looking at the 5 best seller women bottoms for the year 2016. You probably think that there’s going to be a lot of pants in this list but you’re going to have to rethink the whole list from another angle. Curious? Well read on further, let’s dive into the list now. Bottoms up! It’s a date with skirts.

1. Aztec Sequin Straight Skirt

The Aztec pattern is a stunning portrayal of geometric proportions matched with pleasing aesthetics. With that said, the sequinned Aztec skirt is among the bestselling bottoms in the year 2016. Highly magnetic, the sequinned pattern makes it lavish and eye-catching to the wearer. Paired with a basic top, the skirt magically grabs attention in an instant.

2. Gradient Sequin Skirt

Sparks will fly when you put on a stylish outfit with a gradient sequin skirt. It’s basically an ombre skirt but with added glimmer. Sequins highlight any outfit with it’s reflective texture, quickly making it into a bestseller for the year. With glitter being in trend, you can do no wrong with a gradient sequin skirt. There’s glamour and style all in one with these pair of bottoms.

3. Jacquard Straight Skirt

Structured yet glamorous, the Jacquard skirt is all you’ll ever need for a lavish traditional celebration or a one night fabulous event. More often used in home decor, this woven fabric has gained popularity and is now up-styled for use in fashion. The jacquard skirt enables its wearer to don the fabric without being overwhelming or blending in with a piece of furniture. Moderation is essential and by pairing a jacquard skirt with a neutral coloured top, you’re already winning.

4. Sequin Mermaid Skirt

Yes, another sequinned bottom. Also with this flattering silhouette, you can’t resist adding it to your wardrobe. The sequin mermaid skirt is often seen this year in traditional celebration outfits whereby designers use this material for a touch of instant glamour. The mermaid cutting makes it even more desirable due to the way it hugs a woman’s curves all in the right places. It’s only natural to have this in your closet this year.

5. Jacquard Wrap Skirt

More jacquard fabrics make it into the bestseller list this year. It’s crisp and new, making it a bold move for women to put on. Any daring ensemble will include a jacquard wrap skirt for it’s different than your usual skirt style. One can never look drab in this material and skirt style. It’s definitely a captivating item in the list.

What’s your favourite out of the top 5 bestselling bottoms of this year? Leave a comment down below.