5 Best-Seller Shoes for Men 2016

A man’s best friend in the turbulent world of fashion may just be a casual pair of boat shoes or an old pair of raggedy sneakers. Whichever he may choose, it’ll be the highlight of his daily ensemble. Now, let’s take a look at what’s been every man’s favourite shoe to rock throughout the year of 2016 when we wrap up the top 5 best men shoes today. There are some surprising favourites so make sure to pay attention until the end of the list.

1. Casual Faux Leather Loafers

A laceless, more laidback version of an Oxford or Brogues, Loafers are for the men who love to style up or down their outfits without the risk of looking like a mess. Now, material matters so between canvas which can be too casual and genuine leather which can be ultra luxurious, many men have settled for faux leather which can be worn in both casual as well as formal settings. A top pick and definite favourite this year would be casual faux leather loafers.

2. Slip on Shoes

Best for lazy days in the park with your significant other or a day of hanging out with the guys, slip on shoes make it to number two. No fuss and easily worn to style, slip on shoes are the epitome of any man’s casual day out ensemble. With various textures, colours and materials, there are many slip on shoe styles to try on.

3. High Top Sneakers

A much needed pair for any street style savvy man, high top sneakers are just one of the many bestseller men shoes this year. From cult classics like the Converse to evolved designs like the designer Y3 Qasa, these many designs just widen any man’s choice and more the reason to have any high top sneaker in their shoe closet.

4. Neoprene Sandals

With highly moody weather conditions in Malaysia, the neoprene sandal makes the cut. It’s best used to air out the feet during hot days and avoid stinky feet when shoe meets water during a rainy day or week. Aside from that, with solid designs and stylish trends linked with sandals, it’s no wonder men resort to neoprene sandals. Not too shabby indeed.

5. Flat Slider Sandals

Making a wave in contemporary streetwear fashion, flat slider sandals or in short — slides, have been a buzzworthy note in men’s shoe style. Best worn out for any men, even married ones who need to go grocery shopping during the weekend or the single ones out to hang with the guys, slides are a definite must have and one of the bestselling men’s shoes of 2016.

Loving the list so far? Drop down your own top 5 down below.