5 Best-Seller Tops for Men 2016

In today’s edition of the 2016 Lookback, we’ll be throwing back to the 5 best seller men tops of the year. Best sellers are what you’ve probably seen the men in your life or perhaps even those around you have been wearing throughout 2016. From impulse purchases to trend setting buys, these best 5 men tops have made the list for all the right style reasons.

  1. Logo Cotton T-shirt

Much like a basic shirt, the logo cotton shirt is number one on the list for its easy wear, style and comfort. Nothing fits and feels better than a cotton t-shirt in the humid weather. Take note of the logo on the shirt, guys and girls. Brands on a global scale have caught onto the minimal aesthetic. With a simplified version of their brand logos or statements stamped onto a basic shirt, you get a trending best seller.

2. Legacy Long Sleeve Top

A legacy long sleeve top makes it to the top 5 because of its versatility and comfort. A legacy top makes a difference by its fabric. Setting itself apart from the basic long sleeve top, a legacy long sleeve top is accompanied by a heathered or marled material. Often found in neutral colours, the legacy long sleeve top is a must have in every man’s closet throughout 2016.

3. Blue Floral Print T-shirt

The colour blue has been an important trending colour in the year 2016. Well known shades of blue in the year 2016 include Serenity Blue, Airy Blue and Riverside. It’s only natural that the blue floral print shirt is up in the bestseller list. It’s sophisticated and masculine in a way of its own. Who says men can’t rock florals?

4. Hypno Skull Cap Tee

With grunge and dark prints making its mark this year (thanks to Tumblr), the skull print is often sought after and top international as well as local brands are taking it for a spin. Another best seller, the skull tee leaves a cool and mysterious impression to the wearer. Guys will always love clothing options that are both simplistic yet edgy much like the skull tee.

5. CM Double Standard Tee

Yes, well this is a no brainer. The double standard tee is a white tee that’s made out of heavier material — not your usual basic tee that’s see-through. Simple to style and great for men who love fuss free designs, the double standard tee is definitely a bestseller. Nothing beats a popular basic than your must have white standard tee. The average Joe’s most worn top.

What are your favourites? List your own top 5. Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.