5 Best-Seller Tops for Women 2016

We’ll be wrapping up the 5 best seller women tops in 2016 today. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, there’s still a few months left until the end of the year so what’s the rush?” The rush is — ladies, it’s time for seasons to change and as we enter the Autumn/Winter phase, trends change as well. So, let’s have a look at what’s been in our wardrobe for the past year shall we?

1. Basic High Neck Sleeveless Jersey Top

Ah yes, with the 90’s being back this year, no one escapes the high neck detail. This basic high neck sleeveless jersey top is a versatile one making it to the top 5 most bought item of the year. There’s a certain chic sophistication when worn to the office, paired with a pencil skirt and a great jacket to top it all off. From plain, ribbed to textured, you’ve probably got one of these babies in your closet by now.

2. Flecked Cotton Blend T-shirt

Much quite like tiny flecks of grain, the flecked cotton blend t-shirt has been a bestseller throughout this year as well. A quick and stylish spin off to the basic t-shirt, this one’s a more creative take. With tiny flecks and sometimes multi-coloured flecks, the t-shirt gives the most basic outfits and added flair. More grunge or refined, it depends on what you pair the shirt with. Even the simplest t-shirts can be worn to the office. All it takes is a killer pair of heels paired with tailored dark trousers and a blazer to go.

3. Basic Three Quarter Sleeves Striped Tee

Ah yes, a must-have for every Parisian want-to-be. The basic three quarter sleeves striped tee is up on the Top 5 best sellers for women in 2016 mostly because of the hyped minimalist trend there is this year. You’ve probably read the book “How To Be Parisian” at some point in your life and perhaps looked at a Parisian style guide online. They definitely have a striped tee in their list. All in all, there’s just something effortless about stripes that makes you feel oh so chic any day of the week.

4. Basics High Neck Fitted Top

Another high neck piece tops the list. This time, the keyword is fitted. Yes ladies, flaunt your top in a fitted high neck ensemble. Choose to go sleeveless or sleeved. Aim to impress by adding highlight accessories to further accentuate your neckline. Any wardrobe has a variation of this top be it in neutral colours or various prints and textures. Nothing screams powerful more than a Victorian-esque neckline achieved by a high neck fitted top.

5. Collection Textured Peplum Top

Last but definitely not least, the textured peplum top. Peplums are the rage even for fashionable Muslimah’s in Malaysia. It’s cute and flirty but also rather refined when elevated with textured fabric. The textured peplum top is feminine with an added edge. Designed for the modern day woman looking to put on a top that isn’t just a basic t-shirt, the textured peplum is on the next level of a stylishly curated outfit.

Got any of these best seller tops in your closet? What’s your favourite? Share you thoughts with us below.